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Macbeth Essay

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Abraham 1Abraham, AllyMs. RhudeH English 10, Per. 428 October 2014Macbeth EssayIn Shakespeare's Macbeth, violence plays a dominant role in the play. It exposes characters and shows their true nature. With the first violent scene, Macbeth kills Duncan. This first murder shows the start of Macbeth's unraveling and shows him as the murderer he is.At first, Macbeth is hesitant to kill and this is why he seems like the noble man he once was. After he murders Duncan, the audience begins to see his character shift. The violent act was evidence of his sanity slipping away and that he was no longer the "good guy". Before murdering Duncan, Macbeth says, "I dare do all that may become a man. Who dares ...view middle of the document...

i. 66-67). The first murder sets off a goal in Macbeth's mind, meaning that his first kill made him think that he had already committed this horrible act, so why stop now when he is so close to getting what he desired? When he is talking to the servant he expresses this while also showing his fear of Banquo. He says that he has sacrificed his peace of mind for the throne, and has already killed someone just to be king. Because of the prophecy, he fears Banquo and his lineage and he tells the servant that he doesn't want his sacrifice to be for someone else. Out of fear, he decided to kill his best friend, Banquo. Macbeth doesn't kill Banquo himself and has other people kill for him, and when speaking to the murderers he says, "So he is mine, and in such bloody distance that every minute of his being thrusts against my near'st of life" (III. i. 117-119). Macbeth calls Banquo his enemy and says that Banquo's very existence eats away at him. This came as a shock to the audience because Macbeth was so close to Banquo. Macbeth's relationship with Banquo was based on trust. They fought together, shed blood together, and survived war together. Banquo put his own life in Macbeth's hands numerous times on the battlefield and then Macbeth has him killed. Shakespeare uses...

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