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Macbeth Essay:
The Influences of Supernatural
According to the Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, supernatural is of relating to an order of existence beyond the visible observable universe. This word generates an image of magical ideations in a reader’s mind. However, the play Macbeth, composed by the very famous Shakesphere implies a rather divergent view of the supernatural, being an “agency above or outside the forces of nature.” The role of supernatural in Macbeth is of strong significance to ...view middle of the document...

The first major scene involving the supernatural world begins with the introduction to the three witches, which appeared in Act 1 Scene 1. During the scene, the three witches are predicting the fate of Macbeth. This gives the audience a clue to what the future holds for Macbeth. "When the battles lost and won" (1.1, 4) was said by the second witch. It says that every battle is lost by one side and won by another. Macbeth's fate is that he will win the battle, but will lose his time of victory for the battle of his soul. Webster defines witches as, “one that is credited with usually malignant supernatural powers”, therefore it’s clear that the three witches were also part of the supernatural elements in the play Macbeth. These witches had a rather large impact throughout Macbeth, and they also proved to be a very important element of this story. The witches serve as a chorus in this play, which in a nutshell means that they are the characters that frame the play by giving us a taste of what is about to happen next before it happens, they are the punctuation of this play. At the time Shakespeare wrote Macbeth the idea of witches was something that was taken very seriously by his audience as people believed that witches were real beings that lived in secrecy among the good citizens. At the time Shakespeare wrote Macbeth the idea of witches was something that was taken very seriously by his audience as people believed that witches were real beings that lived in secrecy among the good citizens. Act 1 Scene 3 is a vital scene, in terms of the supernatural. It is much longer than the fairly short opening scene. This scene opens with the witches discussing their needs, since they had last gathered. They've all been committing evil things, for example, the second witch killed the husband of a woman that would not give her chestnuts, which is pretty eerie in terms of readers today. Once again, the witches have assembled on a moor, and a storm is taking place, adding to the sinister and eerie mood of the scene.

Another major form of the supernatural was the image of the dagger which Macbeth saw and it led Macbeth to murder the King. When the dagger appears before him, he finally becomes victim to the delusions of his fevered brain. This dagger “pushes” Macbeth to commit the crime and creates suspense for the audience because of the uncertainty of the outcome. The dagger floating in the air cites the presence of evil of the dagger being covered with blood, which tempts Macbeth, after which he proceeds to Duncan’s chamber to kill him. Once the murder has been committed, eventually Banquo has his suspicions about Macbeth killing Duncan to have power of the throne. There is constantly more guilt and fear inside Macbeth and his wife ,that Macbeth decides to have Banquo killed.

Similarly, when Macbeth and Lady Macbeth attend a banquet,...

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