Macbeth, Men Are Responsible For Their Fate

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Men are human beings in which have many flaws in decision making. In Macbeth created my William Shakespeare, Macbeth creates his destiny through his actions. With wisdom from his best friend Banquo saying not to believe such hideous witches yet Macbeth still chooses to believe the sisters, allowing a great ambitious desire for power to overcome his conscience and judgment. The choice that Macbeth makes to believe the sisters and Lady Macbeth a vile lady shows that his fate was brought upon by his wishes. Macduff and Duncan also emphasizes that their decisions were responsible for their fate. Throughout the play Macbeth has many chances to disbelieve the fate spoken of by the sisters yet his actions by believing the sisters or not illustrates his fate was brought down by his freewill.
Macbeth desires and ambition for power had created a fate that had sprung him to a tragic death. Macbeth had clearly ...view middle of the document...

” He had yet still faith in the witches, even if he had to send a death warrant for his best friend and his son whom only looked upon Macbeth as a faithful friend and uncle.
Macduff and Duncan are also luminous men who are responsible for their fates. Duncan a respected king was a man in which had a big flaw. This was “to find the mind’s construction in the face” in which he trusted anyone that set out a good impression by their appearance. By having such a flaw led to his crushing death by his very own cousin Macbeth. Macduff a Scottish nobleman in line to be king had grown a distrust in Macbeth which his actions. With a cautious personality Macduff had come to realize that Macbeth was backstabber who was not fitting to be a king in which puts his country ahead of his family. To save his beloved country he had to flee to England to find Malcom and beg to save a country in which has become “like a syllable of dolor,” a sound of grief. By doing so his cherishes family was ravaged by heinous killing all that breathed, which resulted in an upbringing of an hero filled with passion, heroism and bravery.
Lady Macbeth a woman who was supposedly known as “gentle” had grown into a wicked heart with desire brought upon the “darkest smoke of hell,” plays a major role to influence her husband in which is filled with “human kindness” to become the king of Scotland. Her feelings “numb and incapable of pity” ridicules her husband masculinity in order to persuade the once so called hero Macbeth, to unleash his evil side in order to become a individual drenched of loathsome thoughts that consents himself to create an immoral sin, to his very own cousin. This is evident to show that Lady Macbeth is the dominate figure in the relationship and has total control of what happens to her and her husband.
Men are sole individuals responsible for their fate. In Macbeth, Shakespeare has expressed this through Macbeth showing his flaws that acted upon his fate. Macbeth shows his ambition and desire to gain a hierarchic status in which influenced my multiple companions that has endorsed his personality to change therefore acting upon Macbeths fate.

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