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Macbeth's Rise And Fall Essay

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At the beginning of the play "Macbeth" by Shakespeare, Macbeth is described as the undefeatable hero who has downed high treason and the Norwegian invaders and due to his bravery Scotland can expect a new peace.But on their way to King Duncan the commanders Macbeth and Banquo meet the three witches and their prophecies will change the course of history .Thane of Glamis is supposed to become Thane of Cawdor and afterwards even king and Baquo should become progenitor of kings. After a short while he is greeted as Thane of Cawdor by the king's delegates. Consequently he desires to be king as well and believes that all he has to is to commit regicide. ...view middle of the document...

But he cannot take much pleasure in his new position because there is no moment where the reader can see Macbeth enjoying his ruler dignity or where he svors his power.Worries and sorrows overshadow his reign. Soon he sends an assassin to kill Banquo who knows about the prophecies and who could give him away, and his son Fleance.Since Banquo used to be a close friend of his it becomes obvious that Macbeth has lost his inhibitions and that he gives his power top priority. Furthermore he damages his relationship with Lady Macbeth since he excludes her of his plans and continues to achieve his goal on his own.When Banquo's restless ghost appears at the banquet Lady Macbeth tries to calm him down and the reader can see how their perceptions have dislodged from each other and that Macbeth has lost control over his thoughts and himself. Where you can see best that Macbeth has fallen and has lost his inhibitions is when he kills the innocent family of Macduff. This is a senseless and useless murder and he even does not hesitate to kill a child.Once again Macbeth is seeing the witches to ask them about his future. He has become demanding and is only concerned about his position as the king and about nothing else. Not even about his wife who is dying because of her guilty conscience.His fall is completed when Malcolm's army marches towards his castle and his situation is desperate because he has no support of his people and not even of himself because he cannot stand himself any longer.He looses the battle and is killed by Macduff..

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