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Machiavelli Essay

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“Machiavelli poses the essential question about the relationship between leaders and followers: Is it more effective to enforce discipline by rigorously applying the laws and unhesitatingly exercising your power, or winning by the affection of your followers?” ( Ledeen). So is it better to be feared rather than to be loved? One may ask if it better to be feared and loved, but is it even possible for both to exist at once? Some may argue that fear is more reliable and stable against the actions of leaders that choose tactic of love, since it's not as easily broken or lost. Others may say fear can create corruption and power-hungry leaders, leading to unhappy people in an unsuccessful ...view middle of the document...

The notorious dictator sent the Jewish to prison, more known as concentration camps, all across of Europe, where “they were poorly fed and clothed, yet forced to work twelve hours a day. Many died of illness; others were killed by poisonous gas or were shot” ( Daniel). Machiavelli wrote that one can do anything to achieve his goals, relating this to Hitler's goals as he killed almost every Jew there was in Germany and most of Europe. Hitler did all of this to remain under control and keep his people in order of how he wanted.
Even though most leaders who are feared are also hated, “ a man may very well be feared and yet not hated” ( Machiavelli 76 ). According to Machiavelli, a ruler that is well-loved is not always well respected and is at risk of losing control, especially because of the desires of others to be on top. By instilling fear while at the same time avoiding unnecessary cruelty, the ruler is able to maintain power and perhaps at the sametime still have the respect of his constituents. What a leader needs to do is properly apply fear, just how Michael Jordan did to his opponents throughout his extraordinary career. He would befriend his competitors to soften them up, and make them feel like he cares about them to get what he desires- control, as a prince would do to his people. Then he goes out on the basketball court and physically destroys them by his athletic ability. Doing this ensures his rival of his abilities, since “ fear is bound by the apprehension of punishment”, to make it known that he means business . Also, Jordan’s leadership ultimately was fueled by a mixture of fear and healthy respect. Either you went along with his program, furthering his ultimate cause of winning, or you were finished. Only someone with aptitude, and intensity could pull this off. Michael Jordan was feared for his...

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