Macromastia And The Effects Of Breast Reduction

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Macromastia and the Effects of Breast Reduction

Day after day, night after night there are women who walk around in excruciating pain due to a condition known as macromastia. These women are literally carrying an enormous amount of weight on their shoulders which they deal with it all the time. Most are unable to go for a jog or run after their children when they take them outside to play; some cannot even sleep on their backs at night because they feel as if they are suffocating due to the excessive weight on their chest. This condition, macromastia, is the abnormal largeness of the mammary glands also known as the female breast. This condition can be treated and relieve so ...view middle of the document...

The cost of this procedure can vary widely from one physician to another with the average cost ranging from $5,000 to $7,000 dollars and is not covered by most insurance companies because in most cases it is considered a cosmetic surgery. In 2007 the national average cost of a breast reduction for women was $5,429 (Cost of Breast Reduction 2007). Insurance companies will pay for reconstructive surgery, which breast reduction can fall under only if strict guidelines are met. Cole (2007) states, “that insurance coverage is often denied to those who would experience significant health benefits from breast reductions”. There are several scientific studies that show the benefits of breast reduction surgery as well as the medical necessity of this procedure. Regardless of the studies each year thousands of women are denied the procedure because of insurance companies’ strict guidelines. Many patients and doctors consider the guidelines to be rigid and unfounded.
In order for a breast mammaplasty procedure to be covered by health insurance there are very strict guidelines that have to be met. Most health insurance companies set limits on what a patients weight should be for there height and expect patients to meet these limits before the procedure is even considered. Weight limits are poorly associated with relief of the symptoms of macromastia (Bermant 1994).Cole (2007) states that, “Currently, most insurance carriers refuse to cover breast reductions procedures in which less than 500 grams of tissue per breast are removed”. In the article Guidelines for Medical Necessity Determination for Breast Reduction (2005) it is also stated that “A surgical treatment plan that outlines the amount of tissue to be removed from each breast” is needed before the procedure can be approved thus reinforcing Cole’s statement about the limits on tissue removal. The problem with these limits depends on the patient’s body type, less than 500 grams of tissue removed may offer and important reduction in pain and offer significant quality-of life benefits to smaller-framed women. Bermant (1994) states that “The amount of tissue removed should not be the exclusive criterion for determining the intent of the operation.” Many patients have trouble losing weight because they are unable to participate in physical activities that would benefit their body type. This makes it almost impossible to meet the weight guidelines for the individual’s height in order for the procedure to be covered. Every individuals body and body type differ that is why insurance companies should consider covering the procedure based on documentation provided by a physician requesting the procedure for their patient.
Some patients who suffer from macromastia and are denied coverage of the breast reduction procedure by their health insurance company undergo many medical ailments. Most individuals make many visits to chiropractors to help relieve the pain and some...

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