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So can you tell us something about yourself; like what you do your brief background.
I’m a user experience architect at C.A Technologies Computer Associates and I’m based out of Lisle office which is a suburb of Chicago. I joined C.A about a year back; this April, I’ll finish an year. Before that I was a UX researcher cum engineer at the Motorola Mobility which for a while was a Google company but anyway - so from Motorola … At C.A what am doing is actually am part of the mainframe business unit and within that the whole mainframe unit is divided into about seven to eight different business lines and one of the business lines is they have this plethora of tools that manage ...view middle of the document...

But now these people are close to retirement and so in across the board all the mainframe companies what they are doing and I think C.A is in the forefront is that they are modernizing the complete tool set that people used to use for their mainframe management and so they are making a complete web based user interface and a lot of work is needed to reach out to these existing users of mainframe existing IT caretakers if you will, to understand how they were using these tools, what were the pain points, and essentially map that onto the modern web based technology.
So the solution that C.A has its all now completely web based, browser based. So my job is essentially to take these products which are kind of mainframe 3270 which is like command line interface – think of that - these products and transition them into much more modern web based U.I with the right understanding of the workflow for these users. So understand that and then design the right web interface for these products.
Amir, so you are telling me that they are still using command line interfaces for mainframes?Absolutely and they love that.
These IT operations are so complicated. So they like writing all these scripts which issue these command line interfaces?
They are not writing anything that new. That’s another thing. The mainframe hasn’t changed a lot. It’s been sitting there and there’s just very minimal implemental changes in terms of the actual tools. And that’s why they’ve so much now become these creatures of habit that it’s hard to change them.

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