Major Ccomponents Of The U.S. Healthcare System

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Angelic R. Huckaby
Module 1 Case
MHA 507
Dr. Thomas Esch
January 22, 2013

The discussion that will take place within this paper will cover the interaction of the major components of the U.S. healthcare system on (1) Access to Healthcare (physically and financially), (2) Healthcare Expenditure, and (3) Quality of Care. From my standpoint healthcare is killing American business. Healthcare costs have hit many businesses really hard. “The changes in corporate America’s ability to provide healthcare toward the current system have contributed to the emergence of health reform as a political issue. The interests and institutional legacies of the employer based system put severe ...view middle of the document...

Having access can be of many avenues such as transportation to and from the doctor’s office as well as having the health care coverage that allows you to choose where you want to go when it comes to a specialist.
* The differences that are in healthcare costs are having a major impact on corporate investment decisions that are in a competitive global market. The United States healthcare system is first in the world in cost. “Healthcare costs are rising at rates that are very alarming as technology keeps developing. Medicare and Medicaid are two healthcare systems that were established in the 1960s and are programs that are extend medical coverage to people that might not have care” (Oxley & Jacobzone, 2004). With the advancement of technology forever changing the cost of care should not rise. This should in fact lower it because there can be more procedures performed and better access to health care advise from doctors without the trip to the doctor office.
* Another reason that healthcare has not improved is because many Americans do not have insurance. The fact that many Americans do not have health insurance is because we are enabling them not to have it. They know that if they are sick we are not going to deny them care and if they cannot afford to pay the bill at the end of the visit that it will be written off in many cases. This thinking must change amongst society in order for the health system to work as it was designed for. The rising cost that doctors must pay to insure themselves from lawsuits is another issue in healthcare costs. The extra cost the doctor must pay to operate is passed on to the patients and the health insurance companies.
The costs of some of the medication in the health care system are very high. People that use medication should try to use the generic brand. The generic brands are cheaper than the actual medication. This is an alternative use to help cut down on the cost of health care. The reason that generic medications are not always used by physicians is the physician cannot predict the side effects. The government needs to add more medication to different programs that help to pay for medications such as the Medicaid program. The government needs to learn how to influence prices and find cheaper ways to buy medications. The use of generic brands may keep...

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