Making A Difference As An Educator

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Making a Difference as an Educator

I believe the purpose of an educator is to enhance minds and touch lives. I think it is wonderful that in the country we live in today, that all children are not only given the opportunity for an education, but are forced to take advantage of it. Almost every adult can look back at their school years and think of at least one teacher that has touched their lives in one or more ways. I hope that as an educator that I will have made a difference in many lives and be their motivation to reach their highest goals.

I can not wait to become a teacher. I love to work with children and I love to see them enjoying themselves. I want to ...view middle of the document...

They spend their own money when school funding is low so that they can teach in the way they feel will be most beneficial to their students. They also spend hours of their extra time planning field trips, attending school functions, setting up parent-teacher conferences, and doing fundraisers for their school’s benefit.

After I successfully complete the teacher education program at Concord University, I plan to take my education farther. I plan to attend Marshall University and get my master’s degree. If I am this far in my education, I believe that it would be in my best interest to go ahead and go all the way while I am still young and in the habit of studying and going to school. I plan to attend Marshall University because I have already attended school there before, and I believe they have a lot to offer there. I want to go there so that I can learn from new teachers that I have not had in class before, and expand my horizons.

After I receive my master’s degree, I plan to teach school for a few years. I would prefer to teach kindergarten or first grade, but I will take whatever is available in the area I am living in, being a young and inexperienced educator. After teaching for a few years and getting experience in running my own classroom, I would like to open up my own day care. I have worked at a day care before and I feel that it was the best time I have ever had while at work. I would like to open up my day care while continuing to teach school. I would pay other people to run it for me, and spend my time off during the summer and holidays working there. I feel like spending time with children makes me feel free of any worries or problems that I may have, they make me laugh and I especially like their honesty and worry free approach on life.

I want to create a positive and exciting atmosphere for my students. My classroom will be colorful and neat, and my students will assist me in decorating it. If a room is colorful it gets everyone’s attention and brightens up their personalities as well as the room. I believe that students operate according to their atmosphere. If a classroom is dull and boring, then the students will be bored. I will put posters up all around the room that will assist my students in learning, anywhere from the ABC’s, to a chart with their multiplication tables listed, whichever best suits their grade level and whatever I am teaching them in class.

My classroom will be very neat and clean as well. I hate when I walk into a classroom with clutter and junk all around the room. I am a very organized and clean person, and I plan to teach my students to be the same way. If they see that I am messy then they might think it is okay, and they will have a hard time keeping track of their school and homework, and I could not be mad at them for losing their homework or papers when I can not find papers myself.

The students themselves will decorate the...

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