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Making A Reflective Journal From Life's Personal Experiences

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Patrick O Okechi Reflective Journal October 2010

Learning is achieved through reflection upon everyday experience and is the way that most of us do our learning.

As a new learner teacher, in my first couple of weeks of teaching and learning, a learning journal seems a sensible idea to record the learning experiences I am having in this early stages. Logically, the early stages of any career learning would play host to a large number of learning experiences as I settle into the ways of learning and teaching some practical lessons which cannot be learned without hands-on experience.

In beginning a reflective learning journal, I am making a conscious effort to recognise my own learning experiences; to make a normally subconscious ...view middle of the document...

As I write this, I am begining to feel as though I could extend my thinking by writing. I also find that by writing a reflective journal, I am improving my practice just by spending the extra time thinking about it. I feel that perhaps this is beneficial experience after all.

So far I have been looking at some readings recommended for this course and I am getting inspired by them. Linking theory to my learning experiences is beneficial and relevant to me and the situations I am facing. I am reading into areas that interests me and which are helpful to my own development.

In my future journals I would like to include the use of a range of teaching strategies, in particular more kinaesthetic methods. In reading about learning styles, I find that kinaesthetic teaching methods well supported, that are more effective in securing concentration and in helping learners recall work. As a learning teacher, I look forward to a variety of practical activities.

I look forward to the developmental pattern to highlighten my learning experience. I have just been reading Kolb’s theory of experiential learning where it is suggested that the learning process often begins with a person carrying out a particular action and then seeing the effect of the action in the situation. I feel inspired to apply this theory to practice to help my own personal development.

Reflecting, upon these few weeks of my learning, I anticipate that the practice of reflective journal will be advantagious in that will help me:

• step back and put experiences and developments into perspective
• recognise my capacity for and enjoyment of learning
• realise that reflection is one part of a learning experience and process and
• identify support for and criticism of ideas I have had and ways in which I can take my learning forward

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