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Making It In America Essay

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Shakilya Dorsey
February 4, 2016
Making It in America
It’s your high school graduation day and you are sitting in your chair, with feelings of accomplishment. Your parents have told you that the clock is ticketing on your current living space and you don’t want to go to college or the military. You have been told by your parents, teachers, and friends that life will be a struggle without a college education or military background. Therefore, you will be placed in the category of “The unskilled laborer.”
During the 19th century, the American economic engine made the transition from an argricultltural based economy to one of industrialization. Factories sprung up and fueled an ...view middle of the document...

How to “Make it in America” in the 21st century has drastically change. Our economy has shifted from industrial factories to information/technology. Unskilled laborers are finding it very difficult to remain employed at a respectable wage. For example, Madely Parlier, employed at standard Motor Products out of Greenville South Carolina. “I’m smart”, Madely told a journalist while being interviewed. “There’s no other way to say it. I am smart. I am”. Madely fit the characteristics of many American workers. A single mom that had plans and ambitions to go to college, but starting a family right out of high school, unable to see eye to eye with the father. Having to give up here dreams of going to school and get a job all led to the only option for many local residents and that was the old factory plant.
High tech equipment must be monitored. High tech equipment is also different from the past. She must be skilled in operating highly advanced nullity million dollar pieces. Luke Hutchins, of Standard Motors Products, in Greenville South Carolina. Luke attempted the college to better his chances of landing a well-paying job. After spending a semester and a half in...

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