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Making Peace At Thousand Oaks Essay

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Making Peacee

It was a stormy day in the quiet city of Thousand Oaks, when all of the sudden three well known super heroes appeared up in the sky. The whole town starred in awe as Peacee came flying from the East, Starr came from the North, and finally Rainboww came flying from the West. They were there to save the town from the terrible riot they were in with the neighboring town. The super heroes suddenly flew to the ground to introduce themselves to the town and discuss their powers and abilities.

Starr introduced herself to the towns people and informed them that she can make the stars come out at night, even if they are not shining. She also tells the town that her most powerful ability is flying and saving people who are in danger. She explains that her arch enemy is solider boy and that ...view middle of the document...

That town is trying to convince Thousand Oaks governor to pass this law, but the entire town is against it. Rainboww steps up and says, “You guys should be allowed to wear whatever color you wish to wear, although bright colors are much prettier!”

Starr listened to what the town had to say and then asked, “What can we do to help you guys fight your riot?” The entire crowd responded the same way. They began to shout, “Help us fight the other town away, so they do not feel welcome being anywhere near us.” The crew agreed to the town’s request and asked them when the neighboring town was planning their attack. A young boy tells the crew that they will be attacking very soon. Peacee tells the town that she thinks they should make signs and march around the entire town that explain that they will not be outlawing one particular color. Everyone immediately agreed to this idea. Rainboww then told the town to dress in black from head to toe and meet at the fountain in about one hour.

About one hour later the town had gathered around the fountain and was ready to head out and voice their opinions. The other town arrived, and did not looked too happy about Thousand Oak’s actions. Many of the other towns people are heard saying, “Wow they think they are going to intimidate us, well they are wrong.” The towns continue walking to the governor’s office, when to everyone’s surprise the people of the other town begin apologizing for starting a riot over such a unimportant issue. Once everyone finishes saying they are sorry, they agree to not let the town’s riot get in between them from then on. The crew feels accomplished for helping the town out and asks if there is anything else they need. The town tells them no, and continually thanked them for all their help. From then on, peace and harmony remained between the towns and they always looked back and laughed about their pointless riot.

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