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Malaysian Food By Race Essay

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Food is the main source of energy. Everyone love to talk about food. As we know, there are 3 major races in Malaysia that is Malay, Chinese, and Indian. So, there are many type of food in Malaysia. Besides that, Malaysia also known as the heaven of food in the asean region.
For example, Malaysia are known with Malay food. Malay food are often describe as spicy as it contain spices and traditional herbs. Malay cooking are usually use ingredients such as lemon grass, pandan leaves also known as screwpine, and traditional herbs such as daun kemangi, turmeric, and bunga kantan also known as wild ginger buds. Sometimes, they also use fresh coconut milk in their cooking. ...view middle of the document...

Usually, Indian food are served with chapati and bread. In Malaysia, we can easily get Indian food in Mamak stall. The food are usually traditionally served on banana leaves as plate, where rice is served in the centre followed by various curries and others accompaniments around it such as dried fish and papadams.
In Malaysia, every races have their own popular food. For example, Malay food are known with their Nasi Lemak or we can directly translate as fatty rice. The name are derived from the cooking process where rice is mixed with coconut milk or coconut cream and the the mixture are steamed. Then the pandan leaves also known as screwpine are thrown into it to give it more fragrance. Nasi Lemak are served with cucumber slices, roasted peanuts, boiled egg, and hot spicy sauce also known as sambal. While for Chinese, they are popular with Yong Tau Foo. Yong Tau Foo is a clear soup containing a variety selection of food items such as fishball, crab stick, bittergourds, and others seafood. They are eat with brown sweet bean sauce. For the Indian, they are...

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