Male And Female Friendship Essay

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Gender Friendships

In today’s society, many people from the opposite sex meet each day and find things in common with one another and start a friendship. Through their friendships, they consist of hanging out, spend time with one another, talk about how each others day went, what’s going through their mind, or how they’re feeling. These people eventually grow a comfort with that person and move on to build a greater friendship from there. In most of our thoughts, it has come to mind that has us thinking what are the differences between having friends from the opposite sex and from the same sex. Although most friends that are the opposite sex, every single one of them do think alike.
Male friendships for everyone is almost exactly the same when told from someone else. Males are the dominant type of the sex because they are looked up as a brother for being the toughest, ...view middle of the document...

Other than that, male friendships can be calm and exciting to others if that person is chill or mellow.

Female friendships on the other hand, are almost exactly the same, just like the male. Females can also be looked upon as a sister to others because they know how to support, comfort, talk, share things the right way, and understands your strengths and weaknesses. They have that mentality of helping out others in need and know how to understand you without being made fun of when showing your soft side. Even though most females are the sensitive ones of the opposite sex, others see some of that sensitivity that can build up their attitude when taken things wrong and causes to build up drama and/or problems. With them, drama/problems can occur from having jealousy, rumors being made, etc. and most people like to stay away from, as well as with their attitude
The similarities of being friends with both sexes is that they both have a lot of things in common. When in need of help, either one of them know how to protect one another both emotionally and physically by taking action or speaking things out on what is right from wrong. They both involve in spending time with one another and sharing the same common interests such as foods, music, and television shows. With these activities going on with each other, a bond is built as well as it goes for trust. Also each others company comes in handy as well when in need of companionship.
In conclusion, these differences and similarities in the opposite sexes have a great outcome no matter what in what people decide to choose. As for the time being, it’s always best to have both sides to go to for any type of situation. In my opinion, I prefer having female friendships rather than male because considering that I am one, most of the things I do, every other male does as well. On the other hand on having a female friend, you can learn a lot more about them and also they are very good with pointers for girlfriend help as well when it comes to advice.

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