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Malnutrition Is Caused By An Unbalanced Diet

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A balanced diet is when you eat a range of food and drinks from all the different groups but at the same time maintaining and taking care of what you eat. Especially staying away as much as possible from salt, trans fats etc.
Malnutrition is caused by an unbalanced diet due to having too much or too little nutrients ( Under nutrition is when the body isn’t given enough calories, due to the person’s diet, and because they don’t utilize the food properly as they should. Over nutrition, is when the person consumes a lot more proteins and calories then they should. (MNT- Medical News Today)
Obesity comes from malnutrition, where a person has too much nutrients causing them ...view middle of the document...

The breakdown during metabolism gives energy for all the cellular activity. Carbohydrates only contain carbon, oxygen and hydrogen.
Lipids store energy and protect the internal organs. They contain hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen, and the water is insoluble. Lipids have glycerol (hydrophilic) and combined with fatty acids (hydrophobic).
Proteins are vital for growth and repair as well as the functioning of the cells. It contains carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen. They are polymers of amino acids attached by a peptide bond and the enzymes are proteins.
Nucleic acids contain all the information needed for a cell to be formed. There are two types and they are DNA and RNA and they are polymers of nucleotides. (

Refined sugars are sweet materials that have been processed and have very high sugar levels. They go to the blood stream when they are eaten so the blood sugar rises, and it is a chain which continues and results with obesity. (
Trans fats are created when hydrogen is added to vegetable oil. This is done to increase the shelf life, and to add a good taste to it. This process is called hydrogenation. They are found in fried foods. There are many dangers of trans fats, like increasing the rate of cholesterol in your body, meanwhile reducing the helpful cholesterol which is needed, increasing the blood pressure, which lead to heart attacks. (

The unsaturated fats have a double covalent carbon to carbon bond. Saturated fats, has a single covalent carbon to carbon bond.

Feeling satiated means to be satisfied with what you have eaten. It depends on the quantity and the type of the food that you eat. ( One type of carbohydrates produced by plants that the human body cannot digest is fiber. Proteins, carbohydrates, and fats also make you feel full. (
The problem of malnutrition in obesity, affects the social, political and financial factors of a country negatively. The government gets affected politically because they are spending money on the medical care for people when they can spend it on things like infrastructure, education, and development. Finally, it affects the financial sector because there is an increase in medical expenses and there is less productive activity as people are sick.
There is a variety of lifestyles which people are adapted to live in. Some have an active lifestyle and others are living a sedentary lifestyle, where the person is very inactive. If you are in a sedentary lifestyle, you could have long working hours and have no time so you tend to eat fast food which really affects your health negatively.
There are many problems that the UAE face from malnutrition, especially in obesity. Since Dubai is very modern, and has adapted to the modern lifestyle, it has a lot of fast food in it. The UAE citizens are living the modern lifestyle, which is eating fast food at any times and...

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