Man In Dapitan Essay

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Rizal Books Available at JRU Elementary School Library
As of 21 January 2004
1 92/R528b 1958 Si Dr. Jose Rizal ; ang bayani ng Pilipinas Buizon, Remedios L JRC 3
2 92/R528c c1970 Stories of Rizal's student days Capino, Diosdado G.$aBuenaflor Manlapaz 1 1970
3 92/R548c c1959 Nang bata pa si Jose Rizal Capino, Diosdado$aBuenaflor, V Manlapaz 1 1959
4 92/R528c/Bata c1959 Nang bata pa si Rizal Capino, Diosdado$aBuenaflor, V Manlapaz 1 1959
5 92/R538c c1959 Nang musmos pa si Jose Rizal Capino, Diosdado$aBuenaflor, V Manlapaz 2 1959
6 92/R528c c1960 Stories of Rizal's travel Capino, Diosdado$aBuenaflor, V Manlapaz 2 1960
7 92/R528c ...view middle of the document...

$aOcampo, A R.P. Garcia 1 1959
21 92/R528h c1958 Jose Rizal; his childhood Hernandez, Jose Ma.$aOcampo, E Bustamante Press 2 1958
22 398.204/R528 c1984 Rizaliana for children; illustrations and folk tales Jose, Rizal P. Children's 3 1984
23 92/R528l 1979 Si Jose Rizal sa kanyang kamusmusan Logue 3
24 92/R528l c1979 Si Jose Rizal sa kanyang kabataan Logue, Concordia C. St. Mary's Publ. 1 1979
25 92/R528l c1980 Si Jose Rizal sa kanyang kabataan Logue, Concordia C. St. Mary's Publ. 1 1980
26 92/R528l 1980 Si Jose Rizal sa kanyang pag-aaral Logue, Concordia C. St. Mary's Publ. 3 1980
27 92/R528l 1980 Si Jose Rizal sa kanyang paglalakbay Logue, Concordia C. St. Mary's Publ. 4 1980
28 92/R528l 1979 The Jose Rizal sa kanyang kabataan Logue, Concordia C. 1 1959
29 92/R528m 1950 Jose Rizal for children Mendez, Paz P Macaraig Publ. 1
30 92/R528m c1959 Rizal's childhood Mojica, Maria Nieves Phil. Book 1 1959
31 92/R528oc 1996 Why is Rizal the greatest Filipino hero Ocampo, Esteban A. de NHI 1 1996
32 92/R528 1961 Si Rizal sa ibang bansa Pineda, Juliana C R. Martinez 1
33 92/R528p c1962 Si Rizal sa Dapitan Pineda, Juliana$aIgnacio, Petr Roberto Martinez 1 1962
34 R528p c1956 Noli Me Tangere; Pambatang salin Pineda, Juliana$aTablan, Andre Bookman 1 1956
35 899.211/R528al c1968 Prose and poetry; gems from Rizal's work Rizal, Jose M. Phil. Book 1 1968 /jtc1/21/04 Page No. 1

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