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Manage Health And Social Care Practice To Ensure Positive Outcomes For Individuals

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Manage Health and Social Care Practice to Ensure Positive
Outcomes for Individuals.

1.1 Explain ‘outcome-based practice’

During the 1980’s, the term “evidence-based” care surfaced to describe the approach that used scientific evidence to determine the best practice. Evidence-based practice is a process that entails reviewing and instilling the most reliable and updated research in service user care. The goal of evidence-based practice is to provide the highest quality care while being most cost efficient. It is a process based on the accumulation, interpretation, and integration of derived evidence. This best available is applied to improve the quality of service user care.
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According to these definitions, knowledge is created by researchers, and handed to practitioners to be applied in practice situations.
The second type of definition suggests that practitioners investigate practice problems, and assess research in accordance with their clinical judgment and then, thirdly, collaborate with their clients. Some define evidence-based practice with a focus not on the research, but rather on the practitioner; on her or his professional judgment, skills, and knowledge acquisition processes.
These distinctions regarding the evidence and the role of the practitioner are but one area of debate concerning evidence-based practice.
Evidence-based practice generally understood effort to direct practitioners to base their interventions upon formal research, promising benefits to both clients and practitioners.

During the empirical practice movement questions about the credibility, effectiveness, and efficacy of social work have been raised. EBP emphasizes science, and, by lessening reliance on professional judgment; offers a sense of certainty about social work interventions. Some suggest that evidence-based practice in particular is tied to neo-liberalism. In this context, evidence-based practice ensures that care workers provide high-quality services effectively

1.3 Analyse the effect of legislation and policy on outcome based practice

One of the most influential changes to legislation in social care has been ‘Every Child Matters’: ECM act helps children from birth to 19years of age and involves everyone who works with children and young people. Practitioners and staff always support children with all backgrounds, there are five outcomes in this act and these are be healthy – enjoying good physical and mental health and living a healthy lifestyle is important and schools need to play a leading part in health education. This includes questioning the value of snacks and the nutritional content of school meals. Stay safe – pupils need to feel that they are being protected from harm and neglect. Enjoy their lives and achieve their potential – pupils need to get the most out of life and develop the necessary skills for adulthood. Contribute to their local community – children and young people need to be involved in their local community and not engaging in anti-social or offending behaviour. Achieve a good standard of living – pupils must not be prevented by economic disadvantage from achieving their full potential in life. We will have to develop strategies to enable all pupils to reach their full potential and to break the cycle of poverty. This will ensure that you are providing the right service in order to meet children’s needs. Staff will need to be aware of the services in detail to know which one to provide and offer. By knowing the policies and will therefore know the procedures as well which will help the children when it’s needed. Safeguarding legislation and government guidance says that safeguarding...

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