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Carbon tax: expert sees opportunities for energy management suppliers
Author: Hodgkinson, Steve. Publication info: Manufacturers' Monthly (Jul 2011). ProQuest document link Abstract: Putting aside the politics of how best to design ...view middle of the document...

One positive effect of the Climate Change Plan will be to stimulate action, which will lead to spending on software and services associated with understanding and acting on carbon consumption and emission data.We expect that the Plan, assuming it proceeds to legislation, will lead to increased opportunities for companies that specialise in the software and systems needed to manage energy use efficiently and to report on compliance under the new carbon pricing arrangements.The Government's Plan is quite complicated, however, due to the need to appease so many different interest groups. While the broad principles are clear, the devil will lie in the detail of the pricing mechanisms and the assistance and transitional arrangements.While not technically a tax regime, the setup definitely has the feel of the complexity of tax policy, and this will be reflected in the amount of effort and cost that organisations and their advisers will need to expend trying to grapple with understanding the implications of the scheme and setting up processes and systems.A number of new government agencies will be created, including a Climate Change Authority and an Australian Renewable Energy Agency, which will require also some investment in new processes and systems.Some have commented that the IT industry, as a significant consumer of electricity, should have been specifically considered for assistance and transitional...

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