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The success of any organization is bound on the attack on the management strategy. Many successful organizations will remedy their success on the management strategies that they have managed to employ in the success of their business. Strategic management is the interpretation and presentation of management techniques and strategies by managers in utilization of resources, enhancing the external and internal environments and ensuring a company market share so as to maximize on profits. We shall evaluate the strategic management of Johnson and Johnson. Through the analysis, major market and business strategies of the company shall be evaluated with the current external and ...view middle of the document...

Indeed the strategic management analysis will look at the respective decisions and strategies that have been employed by the management of J&J which has led to its speedy or slow growth. The external, internal environments of the company will be analyzed with a financial analysis. To evaluate and understand all these we shall look at the environmental analysis of the company by analyzing its prospective and actual environment by employing different models like SWOT analysis and Financial Ratios and Analysis. Then an analysis of the threats and opportunities available for J&J will be evaluated. Task two will involve identifying and analyzing the chain value and value network of J&J. Every organization’s success is based on the possibility of an efficient value chain and effective value network. At the end a SWOT analysis will be undertaken to realize the business market share situational analysis.

1.2 Scope of the Case Study
This study is to determine the progress and development of Johnson and Johnson by evaluating the respective managerial strategic decisions and project implementation. It will look to determine the business environment and process of business performance of the Johnson and Johnson. Considering the company’s success in global health products within its three major segments including the Consumer Products Medical Devices and Equipment and the Pharmaceutical segments. And there is much to be studied on its business, trade strategies and their effect to the political, economical, legal and technological environment.

2.1 Company Background
Johnson and Johnson is a global healthcare products and services provider that is much acclaimed in offering some of the best and common products and services in the globe. It’s mostly known for selling fresh and clean smell baby powders. The company is based in the state of New Jersey, United States of America in a town by the name New Brunswick. It’s a leading provider of healthy products and services with more than 147 facilities world wide encompassing up to 50 countries. The company was started in 1886 as a simple idea of creating clean plus sterile dressings and the making of medical plaster by three brothers, Robert, James and Edward Johnson. And by 1887 the company was incorporated. It has continued from then by initially offering baby care products until in 1921 when the company introduced the Band-Ai which allowed for self-application. With success of the Band-Aid in the United States, the company sought to go beyond borders and establishing a first foreign branch in the United Kingdom by the name of J&J Ltd. With that the company has grown to become one of the largest health care products and services provider in the world.
The Second World War become another time for the company to introduce new items that were necessary for the war. During the war, J&J was able to introduce the duct tape and other items that helped cement the position...

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