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It is essential to managers and leaders to have good communication skills in order to communicate to employees effectively, relay information correctly, and to keep business running smoothly as possible. Effective managers must be able to lead necessary organizational and cultural changes that are likely to take place in today’s rapidly changing environment with dynamic improvements through emerging technologies and the impact of globalization. At Frito Lay, they have a “win win” leadership team and management. The success of Frito Lay is a tribute to two entrepreneurs’ dreams. It all began in 1932, C.E. Doolin stop by in a small cafe’ in San Antonio and purchase a bag of corn chips. Little did he dream that the savory chip would become on and of the nation’s favorite snacks. Mr. Doolin learned that the manufacturer of the chips wanted to sell his small business, so he purchased it and start selling Fritos (Frito Lay, 2008). On the other side of the story, that the same year Mr. Herman Lay began his own potato chips business by delivering snack foods in Nashville. Not long after Mr. H. W. Lay purchased the manufacturer, and the H. W. Lay & Company was formed. Years later, in 1961, the Frito Company and the H. W. Lay Company merged to become Frito Lay Inc. Today, Frito Lay brands account for 59 percent of the U.S. snack food industry. These days, the founders’ dream to be America’s favorite snack food company continues to be fulfilled with more than 45,000 Frito Lay’s employees in United States and Canada who make, sell, and deliver a wide variety of fun and environmentally friendly foods for everybody to enjoy (Frito Lay, 2008). In this paper, it will explore on how the leadership team in Frito Lay continue to derive excellence in making their employees to function to the fullest in attaining their organizational goals. The good qualities and excellent leadership skills that motivate employees to be efficient and effective in their assigned tasks, and how leadership persuade employees' to believe changes and maintain a healthy organizational culture. Management and Leadership The difference between management and leadership can be illustrated by considering what happens when you have one without the other (Teamtechnology, 2009). Leadership is setting a new direction or vision of the group that they follow. In Frito Lay, we have pre shift meeting everyday where in our resource discusses our direction for the day. He tells us how much money we are supposed to make, how many changeovers we have, the target time needs to be accomplished in...

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