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Management And Performance Career Development Essay

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Running Head: Management and Performance Career Development Part III Heather Linehan, HRM 531 University of Phoenix 1/19/09 Inter-Clean, Inc. MEMO To: Dave Spencer, Tom Jennings, Sam Waters, Carol Stanley, and Sally Lindley From: Heather Linehan Date: 1/19/2009 RE: Performance and Career Management We have been able to take time to create a career development plan for all the new employees of Inter-Clean. This career development has included a job analysis, training and mentoring and currently performance and career management. The performance and career management will include the following listed below: Feedback Performance Promotions Flexible opportunities ...view middle of the document...

This will provide the supervisor with information about the employee and if a pay raise or promotion is applicable. After feed back is given you will need to communicate frequently with the employee about their performance. Promotions Promotions are available to employees have successfully completed a full year of appraisals. Upon completion of this, a final evaluation will be necessary to confirm that the employee is qualified. To obtain promotions quicker the employees may attend trainings and then a performance evaluation will take place. Casico states (2006) If subordinates see a link between appraisal results and employment decisions regarding issues such as merit pay and promotion, they are more likely to prepare for performance feedback interviews, to participate actively in them and to be satisfied with the overall performance management system. Another avenue for promotion is if the employee attends trainings. After completion of five required trainings, the employee is subject to an appraisal before the promotion is granted. Flexible Opportunities The one major issue that most dual-career parents have is to have care for their children. One of the new additions to the company will be child care offered. This will be in a separate building for legal purposes. There will be a spot for the children who are home sick from school in this building as well. This will aid in the times of need for those parents who need to work. This will be provided to each parent for a minimal cost to cover costs. Adaptations Jim Martin will continue to try new ideas to achieve the sales. Also send him to trainings that focus on new sales ideas. Also partner up with Tom to bring in the sales. Tom Gonzalez will continue being a...

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