Management Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

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MARCH 31, 2014

A. Part 1: Test on Understanding (40%)

1. TRUE.
2. TRUE.
3. FALSE. The given statement is false because it was wrongful to say that enactment of laws by government legislative bodies and initiatives related to voluntary industry practices and the like are some of the many ways to promote corporate governance, well in fact it should be PUBLIC GOVERNANCE. By definition, Public Governance is the exercise of POLITICAL, ECONOMIC, and ADMINISTRATIVE AUTHORITY to manage a nation’s affairs. Clearly, the given instances are examples of Public Governance and NOT corporate Governance.
4. TRUE.
5. TRUE.

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However, it is difficult to measure an abstract or value such as performance rate; therefore bosses should not only look up on the performance of an individual (because people might have different techniques or working habits and these might be bias to others) but on the concrete part of an employee such as if he overtimes at work, or when he sold higher sales compared to other, or when he gets promoted to a higher position then these things can be very good and acceptable basis for setting wage rates and salaries rates of the employees.

2. In the statement which says that some people argue the “giving of gifts” even on special occasions only is just another form of corruption. This is necessarily untrue because we don’t always assume that giving of gifts is grounded on corruption. Well not all the time. But not to complicate things, it is better not to assume that this given statement is always grounded on corruption unless clear evidence is presented. I think corruption is prevalent in some countries like the Philippines than other countries because of the kind of political system a country has. Sometimes when a country has an autocratic government, then most probably corruption will arise due to the overwhelming presence of political power over the people thus corruption can be easily spotted. However this doesn’t work all the time, like in the Philippines, though the country is a democratic country, where the people’s voices are being heard, corruption can be still present. Actually, Philippines is considered as one of the countries with a corrupt government. Why is this so? Mainly because the government is not transparent in terms of the government budget or any other issues and transactions which corruption can arise. That is why the pork barrel scam issue is being greatly discussed and investigate by the government. But more than that, there is actually a remedy to these kinds of hidden agenda within the government and that lies to the political leaders to be transparent in all aspects with respect to the right of each citizen of the country. That is why it’s important for the citizens to choose their leaders wisely and not merely by their advertisements during election but by the platforms, experiences, and advocacies these candidates are pushing through.

3. If I were to be in a situation where a person is saying that my father is involved in some corrupt practices, then I would most probably approach that person before my father. I think it would be good to know where the information was taken and how credible the source is because is such information is false then it would be hurting to approach my father immediately without knowing the whole background if such information is true or not. But of course when confronting a person, always see to it that the manner is not aggressive and your objective is to know the truth. After all, we always seek for the truth, nothing but the truth.

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