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Management Essay

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The relationship between the performative nature of contemporary culture and new workplace architectural forms
MNGT321 Coursework

In a general perspective, the contemporary culture is a set of popular elements within the society such as arts, music, and architecture. It can also refer to certain political, religious, attitudes and beliefs leading to the trends in the present time (Buckingham, 2013). In the organizational context, the contemporary culture of a firm keeps extensive importance to the business because it turns the organizational status quite distinctive from the outside world. There are numerous forces driving the change in contemporary culture of an ...view middle of the document...

According to Nash (2009), new forms of organizational engagement with outside world means that employees have to permanently question and struggle with relation to the place of business in contemporary society and politics. It is not just about going for new products and services by encouraging the modern culture in the company rather it is about how different forces are exerting pressure on the management and business. According to Kellner (2003), media culture (a part of contemporary culture), develops the methods which ascertain that the media culture is now the dominant form of culture that provides a platform to an organization to socialize and maintain a distinctive identify in terms of both the social image and reproduction.
According to Powerful (2003), the main essence of the contemporary culture is the freedom it provides to its practitioners. Freedom undertakes the conduct of life without limits. This type of culture generates the thrift for the new economy that is characterized by speed of access to everything. Contemporary culture consists of the core expressions and core manifestations for business and management. It is argued that this new type of culture provides more flexibility and socialization to workers of the organization where the values different aspects of the culture are combined together to make one whole platform of action. Moreover, the forms of contemporary culture are the essence of management that provides endless opportunities of excellence, quality, performance, profit, renewal, innovation, learning, change, development, knowledge, talents and potential etc to employees that enable them get an entire new perspective of their traditional performative nature. Furthermore, Gray-Rosendale (2008) suggested that the contemporary culture has given birth to various modes of management. The contemporary style of management brings about the concept of social and modern science. The social science builds up the social cohesion in the environment of the organization which is subsequently applied to the ways a company can manage. On another perspective, a strong culture is one that is seen similarly by all people in the organization. However, when organizations modify or change their cultural practices, the individual and co-workers deal with the problems and formats stemming in specific ways. The adherence to the same renegotiated boundaries and requirements identifying themselves in different performative ways in various situations. According to Kellner (2003), culture has never been important and has never required any extensive need for the serious inspection of the contemporary culture. As the society is growing large so it becomes a critical need for the organization to get in touch with what is going on in the society to understand the changing patterns of business as well as employment practices. Furthermore, it is also predicted that significant changes are taking place when many of modern theories and categories...

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