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Management In The Marine Corps Essay

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Marine Corps Recruiting Command
Diane Gutierrez
February 23, 2015
Kay Sears

Marine Corps Recruiting Command
Management is an essential piece to any organization to function efficiently. In the United States Marine Corps, management plays a vital role in all aspects of the organization and is essential to mission success. There must be solid procedures in place that will keep the organization resilient through the many different internal and external factors that affect the functions of management.
Internal & External factors affecting management
Some internal factors that could affect a business are business reputation, image, management structure, staffing, and ...view middle of the document...

Other competition that we deal with are colleges, as most kids out of high school have only three options, join the military, go to college, go straight into the workforce, or do absolutely nothing.
During my time on recruiting duty from 2004 to 2007, the war in Iraq was in full swing. This was a huge external factor affecting our ability to recruit new applicants for obvious reasons. An extensive amount of time was put into training recruiters to learn how to over come the objections of the war.
With bases in all corners of the globe, the Marine Corps and other branches of service have recruiting overseas in Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines. Careful consideration must be taken to sourcing the right recruiters to work in these locations. I can recall a colleague who was sent to be a recruiter in Guam as he was from Palau and spoke the language there.
Technology plays a big role in Marine Recruiting as recruiters are now equipped with cell phones, laptops, and tablets to help accomplish their mission. Gone are the days when recruiters did everything from the office and are now expected to have “mobile offices,” capable of sending and receiving documents from anywhere at a moments notice.
With a healthy data plan provided by the command, recruiters are able to access the Internet from anywhere and are encouraged to create social media pages to promote events that applicants are participating in. Digital range simulators built inside semi-trucks are taken to large recruiting events to allow the public a chance to see what it is like to shoot on the Marine Corps rifle range.
Creating innovative approaches to recruiting new applicants is an ongoing part of Marine Corps Recruiting Command. During 2004 to 2008, the military needed to increase the end strength, which meant recruiting more applicants. The Marine Corps provided several bonuses for certain occupations to entice applicants to join. During these times, tuition assistance for active duty members rose to 100% from 75% assistance, allowing service members the opportunity to attend school for free.

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