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Management Info Systems Essay

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Chapter 6
Google -Case Study, P. 186

1. Google’s sources of competitive advantage are several, including its multitude of services, infrastructure, and market share as a search engine provider.
a. Multitude of services – Google is very innovative in that it has offered, mostly successfully, services such as AdWords, Gmail, and AdSensse. It has also inquired and continued to improve DoubleClick as well as YouTube.
b. Google’s infrastructure is independent of Microsoft’s operating system and therefore runs on its own servers. Because Google’s infrastructure is closely guarded and is a secret, the best guess is that it has up to 450,000 servers spread over at least 25 world locations. ...view middle of the document...

These are human decisions and possibly weak marketing strategies that brought these challenges on.

Google’s business strategy is does not seem to address these challenges. Their strategies seem to focus on acquisitions and innovations, rather than their image or their consciousness about infringements. Google seems to only focus on its continued success and new products. For instance, You Tube still has millions of videos and clips that infringe on copyright issues. Google does not seem to have addressed this issue.

3. A business owner could benefit by using Google AdWords, AdSense, of even You Tube. These particular products would be useful to me because of advertising advantages, and You Tube would be helpful because I would be able to find experts on the subject that I am interested in related to my business. This is beneficial because the information that I may find on You Tube are ideas that I would otherwise have to pay for.
4. As of now, most people who have Android phones have Google Play available to them. Google Play allows users to download aps on their phone for free and for purchase. This ap could definitely lend itself to extending Google’s success because it obviously attracts many users, and gives Google the advantage by keeping its name in the forefront for websearches.
Google offers the following:
1. Nexus 5, which is a mobile telephone. This is the stated description: It’s a 5” phone, and so much more. Built with precision, Nexus 5 delivers an intelligently simple design and showcases a stunning full HD display. Plus it comes in black and white.
All-new photo and video features help you capture moments in fresh new ways. And thanks to the...

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