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Management Leadership Essay

1273 words - 6 pages

Project Management Leadership
Paul Barnett
Dr. Eric Braime
January 19, 2015

Music therapy profession is very young and small in size. It is designed to treat a variety of clinical populations and has established a diverse research base. However, the profession originated working with persons diagnosed with mental illnesses; there is a considerable lack of quantitative research concerning the effects of music therapy with this population. The therapy clinicians and researchers have reported strive on a daily basis to obtain positive results from the various patients that they encounter. Explorations will be stated ...view middle of the document...

Willingness to explore innovative practice and to value Local Partners’ potential, whatever their starting point, is fundamental to any Music as Therapy project.  My recommendation is that if it’s a possibility of steps towards recovery, why not try it and explore what elements could be beneficial.
In the earlier days, the approach was challenged opinions within the profession as we explored the extent to which aspects of music therapy can be taught to low-level workers, who have minimal education or even literacy, who work under isolated conditions for poor pay, and definitely do not consider themselves to be musicians. However, there has been a discovery that there is an enormous scope for making therapeutic music-making accessible to all people that are in need or desire the assistance.

A further characteristic of a Music as Therapy project is its ability to be responsive to the community to which the project is going.  Many projects display clear aims and structure, the implementation and the design of the structure needs to be flexible.  There is no justification in imposing a project just because it was planned it in a certain manner, if there is a discovery of flaws with the existing approach or concerns of our Local Partners.  There should be a collaboration of partnership between the business and the local people to ensure that the needs are being met.
Historically, the entrance exam content outline, developed was based on a workforce practice analysis that measured the current trends in music therapy clinical practice. This was done for very good reasons in response to the overall environment and situation at the time; but, a SOP should be more in depth and comprehensive than an exam content outline.The SOP will include a collaboration of elements in a single document that representing the entire profession of music therapy. Furthermore, more funding is to be requested from the federal government on a state level considering North Carolina.
“Music therapists work with people of all ages to address limitations in non-musical areas. Below are some examples of music therapy goals listed by skill areas. 
Communication Skills:
to improve expressive language (i.e., ability to communicate thoughts/feelings)
to improve receptive language (i.e., ability to understand)
to improve speech and verbal communication
to promote effective use of non-verbal communication
 Academic/Behavior Skills:
to encourage ability to imitate
to improve ability to comprehend written language
to improve ability to count and associate numbers with concepts
to improve ability to discriminate colors
to promote reality orientation
to improve memory skills
to increase on-task behavior
to improve ability to follow directions
to increase participation
to decrease interfering behaviors
to promote ability to complete activities of daily living  
Motor Skills
to maintain/improve fine motor functioning

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