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Management Of Information Essay

1730 words - 7 pages

Chapter One
Foundations of
Information Systems
in Business
Jerry Chih-Ching Chiang
NDHU, 9/30-10/14/2014

Learning Objectives


Understand the concept of a system and how it relates to
information systems
Provide examples of the components of real world
information systems
Explain why knowledge of information systems is important
for business professionals, and identify five areas of
information systems knowledge they need
Give examples to illustrate how the business applications of
information systems can support a firm’s
• business processes
• managerial decision making
• strategies for competitive advantage

Learning Objectives

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pT = 0.60
RH = +$10
RT = -$8

nH = 40
nT = 60


EV = -$0.80






Very High




IS Knowledge Framework for
Business Professionals


Fundamental Roles of IS in Business


The Business Environment Impact Model


Changing World and New Economy


Major IT Characteristics


The Drivers of Change


New Economy vs. Old Economy



Buying and selling textbook

Visit the bookstore

Visit web site for publishers
and retailers

Registering for classes

Access campus web site
Walk around campus to
Departments, Registrar’s office,


Buy film, use camera, take
picture, take it for processing

Use digital camera

Paying for Gasoline

Fill up your car, go inside, pay
cash or credit card

Use speed pass token;
wave over the sensor and go

Paying for Transportation

Pay cash, metal tokens

Metro cards electronic cards

Paying for goods

Visit store, select item, pay, go

Use self-service kiosks

Supplying commercial

Use newspapers, paper, catalog, Use hub-like supply chain with
or online
digitized picture

Where IT Matters

In 2006, Baseline Magazine published “Where I.T. Matters:
How 10 Technologies Transformed 10 Industries” as a retort to
Nicholas Carr’s ideas (author of “IT Doesn’t Matter”)

VoIP has transformed the telecommunications industry and
broadband Internet access
Global Positioning Systems (GPS) has changed the farming industry
Digital supply chain has changed the entertainment industry’s
distribution system


Five IT Megatrends in the
Information Age

Valacich, J. & Schneider, C., 2014. Information Systems Today- Managing in the Digital World

What is E-Business?
Using Internet technologies to empower…
Business processes
Electronic commerce
Collaboration within a company
Collaboration with customers, suppliers,
other business stakeholders
In essence, an online exchange of value

How E-business is being Used


Types of IS


Five Generations of Computing


Trends in Information Systems


Types of Information Systems
Transaction processing

Process control
Enterprise collaboration
Updating of corporate databases

Decision support systems
Executive information systems

Types of IS


Types of Operations Support Systems
Transaction Processing Systems
Record and process business transactions
Sales, inventory, and accounting
Process Control Systems
Monitor and control physical processes
Using sensors to monitor refinery processes
Enterprise Collaboration Systems
Enhance team/workgroup communication
Email, video conferencing

Two Ways to Process Transactions

Batch Processing

Online Processing


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