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Management Planning At Boeing As With Any Company Has To Have Cooperation And Organization In The First Phase Of The Companies Management Planning. Within This Phase Many Different And Important Functions Are Form

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Management Planning at
Boeing as with any company has to have cooperation and organization in the first phase of the companies management planning. Within this phase many different and important functions are formed. Within these functions a standard is set for individuals to use and follow while performing their duties or jobs. This paper will discuss and identify legal, ethical and social responsibility that has impacted Boeing. Boeing is one of the best companies that can be used to show such perfect management in any level of management.
Boeing has been seen as the largest leading aerospace simply because Boeing is one of the best ever at planning strategies. Boeing also ...view middle of the document...

They have to be able to follow these markets, and find and provide the newest technology available.
Boeing works closely with United States government to get their approval before they produce any kind of military technologies for foreign countries, and foreign government powers in other countries. When dealing with the military they must keep some equipment specifications classified so not allow it too fall in dangerous hands. When security such as this is breached Boeing can be held fully responsible, and could also be very detrimental to the military and home land security.
Then Boeing has the responsibility of providing jobs as a social responsibility. what Boeing can—and should—offer employees, is a tool kit of portable skills, and a high level of training that allows displaced workers to land new jobs” (McMurdy, 1996, p 8).
Boeing believes by providing the jobs to the community it places them in the perfect position where the community is willing to give back to Boeing. Strategic, tactical, operational, and Contingency planning and growth of the aerospace company have been from several factors that have influenced their strategic, tactical, operational, and the contingency planning. Boeing as well as any other company has a contingency planning phase in which they analyze the what has worked for them up to that point and into the future as well. It was this phase of planning Boeing learned that it’s very helpful for the company to look continually too see where they are and what needs to be corrected. During this phase a project can be canceled if the project is not meeting the standers that Boeing has put into place.
These standers put into place like marketing, timing, quality and other situation may not be profitable. Boeing has an amazing tactical planning strategy that involves many different things like design, testing, and installation of equipment these are needed to produce the new lines of aerospace technologies. During this time of planning Boeing looks at what action needs to be taken to properly finish the strategic goal.
After Boeing has looked at tactical phase they can then move to an operational planning phase. Boeing’s next looks at operational planning and takes in account...

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