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Analyzing the Benefits of Cultural Diversity in Organizations

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Managing Cultural Diversity in Organizations
Chapter 1: Introduction
Human resource management is one of the core functions of business managers. Organizational productivity is influenced by the degree of effectiveness with which employees are managed and directed to perform their duties. One major challenge that human resource managers face in this regard is promoting harmony and coexistence in multicultural workplace environments. Since the beginning of the 18th century Industrial Revolution in Europe, business ...view middle of the document...

The authors observed that corporations have the challenge of undertaking planned approaches to attain maximum gains in the long term functioning of the organization. They analyzed corporate practices, and found out that though many organizations have embraced cultural diversity, there still lacks clear objectives and a viable plan for utilizing the potential benefits of diversity among employees. For this reason, many culturally diverse organizations have not yet attained maximum returns from their employees.
Agrawal (2012) performed a qualitative, interview-based study to test his assertion that diversity is necessary for an organisation to succeed in the modern globalised world, and that companies with diversity are going to perform more effectively over time. The researcher's use of a qualitative approach was appropriate given that it is the standard practice when analyzing the effectiveness of policies and programmes to alter behavior. While Agrawal's questionnaires identified a number of management challenges and other issues that come with greater diversity, managers also agreed that a diversified team led to success more effectively than a homogenous team. This was the rationale behind the decision of 64% of managers in manufacturing and 60% of managers in service sectors having specific policies designed to facilitate the recruitment of diverse employees.
When organizations function under employee-friendly conditions, employees become loyal workers who can effectively play an active role in the making of a competitive organization. The most essential aspect in any organization is harmony. Cultural diversity is responsible for creating a harmonious environment, which enhances efficiency and productivity in organizations (Warren et al. 1993). Cultural diversity consists of the differences in culture among the people in the society that includes organization, dressing, religion and traditions. Following an extensive study, Gordon (2005) found out that cultural diversity in the work place plays a principal role in effective performance of any organization. The aspects of culture such as traditions, norms, and values influences the way people thinks, behave, interacts and makes judgments. Consequently, this affects the perception on daily schedules and meeting deadlines in a workplace.
For cultural diversity to be effective there must be cultural competency. This is the ability to get across with other people’s culture effectively. Cultural competency depends on the awareness of self-cultural global view, knowledge on other cultural practices and tolerance towards the differences in culture and skills. This ability is essential since it affects the workers’ performance and productivity (Katherine et al. 1995). Every ethnicity has special attributes, which if blended in an organization brings significant returns to the organization. For cultural diversity to be effective in a work place there are some essentials put into...

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