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Management Review Article
Internationalization for a company is to broaden its horizons, it is a companies' ability to seek other options and learn new things for its company internationally. The ultimate goal is to learn about other cultures and expand a companies knowledge on a Global level. For a company to only have exposure in its own culture and own country would not attract as much business and it would not make the company as versatile. According to the Article The Performance Implications of International Intensity, Diversity and Distance Internationalization has three main parts: intensity, diversity, and distance. These three elements are studied to learn more about acclimating ...view middle of the document...

In my point of view diversity seems like it is always the right approach not just in business but in any aspect of life. Diversity is learning about other people and their ways of life and their beliefs. there are so many cultures out there and in business the way the United States conducts business, even business meals or greetings and gestures are all different in other countries. But in the end a company has to increase profits and reduce costs and this article focuses on the main themes of industrialization but in majority of the article the main focus is ;how does the company save money on costs and how does the company make more money by transitioning to a global level.
The final aspect of Internationalization is distance, a similar problem arises with distance compared to diversity. Its finding that appropriate balance of distance that a company will face. for instance according to the article distance becomes a positive aspect in international business , and access to things like unique resources become a positive aspect but past a certain point a company faces challenges internalizing these resources and transferring any products becomes harder. So there is an upside to distance but from what I learned from the article sometimes being far from a company's home country can inquire more expense especially with moving products to other countries, even if the host country has resources that are not available in the home country as well as very valuable resources there can be variables that come in to play that can cause issues.
From what I learned and read, internationalization is a good aspect in furthering the success of a business as well as expanded ones business. Internationalization is not as easy as it seems and pushing the limits or even not pushing enough can impact a firm in a negative way. It's about finding the appropriate balance of intensity, distance and diversity. As a manager I would test the company and see how to get a perfect balance of internationalization. In order get increased performance I would need trial and error and study the effects of internationalization and see where the firm is going wrong and what needs to be added and what needs to be cut out. Learning through experience and taking risks will ultimately help determine what is right for a Company.
As a manager all these tasks seem hard and thorough, this article relays the message that a company can just incorporate ideas and plans in a global market. Even though there seems to be so many upsides in being away from home like gaining knowledge, new ideas, and finding new and valuable resources there is a price to pay. There are always obstacles in the way, especially if certain things become too costly. As a manager the first thing that would come to my mind if I was in charge of internationalization in a Company would be, will this be cost effective and will this make the company money. To some people this may seem cruel but even the article...

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