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Personal Statement
  Program Applied: Management Science and Engineering
  It is an apparent truth that, in modern technology-dominated and highly competitive society, the kind of people who will be most highly appreciated are those who command central business regulations and legal rules,grasp advanced technology ahead of others and apply it to productive utilization, and possess outstanding management talents and interpersonal communication skills. Although, with the alarmingly rapid integration of global economy and the dramatic changes of technological advances, competitions among management talents are also becoming increasingly fierce, the professional with the aforesaid ...view middle of the document...

I was responsible for marketing computer accessories and network equipment in the three provinces which constitute the entire Northeastern part of China. I was also in charge of selling XX automobiles and my annual sales volume reached an average of 50 million RMB. Then in 2000, I switched to work at China XX Information Technology Corporation, one of the top 100 electronic enterprises in China, where I participated in the implementation of more than a dozen projects, including several major projects such as the project of renovating the large screens in the XX at the worth of 10 million RMB. My equally outstanding performance in those projects won high evaluations from my immediate superior.
  My six-year painstaking efforts allowed me to develop rich project management experiences, ranging from resource allocation, human resource management, cost control and the application of advanced technology. But it has painfully but irresistibly dawned on me that the past education that I received is insufficient to lend me the kind of management theories and skills that I most urgently need. In this aspect lie the major inadequacies of my past education, which has highlighted to me some of the possible crises that I would encounter if no changes were made. It is precisely this sense of crisis that has prompted me to the decision of applying for an advanced academic program which promises to lead me to a systematic education in management science and engineering. I believe this decision is a choice of necessity, for only by achieving a higher level of expertise in management science and engineering and attaining a perfect marriage of the two can I compensate for the inadequacies inherent in my past education and enrich myself in terms of both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of management. Only in this way can I remain invincible in the increasingly fierce competitions of the future.
  My ability to carry out effective study and research as demonstrated in my past academic career is sufficient to convince me of my adaptability to a new academic environment and to a rigorous curriculum. As a child from a once impoverished farm family, it is all too natural for me to have experienced an academic pursuit replete with hardships and challenges. It is exactly this direct experience and deep insight into the difficult conditions of human existence that resulted in my sustained diligent efforts at my coursework, hence my consistently distinguished academic performance. In the local best middle and high school, I was ranked first, participating in national physics and mathematics competitions and city-level English contests and winning good results. I self-studied the college courses of mathematic analysis and advanced mathematics, and took up English and Japanese as my first and second foreign languages. The XX Institute of Light Industry which I subsequently entered is one of the key colleges of China and I handled all my coursework with...

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