Management Strategy Paper

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Management Strategy Paper

Blue Beacon Truck Wash operates more than 100 truck wash locations across the United States and Canada. Each location is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Blue Beacon has more than 30 years of experience, with easy access to major interstates and highways. Blue Beacon provides fast and friendly service. Blue Beacon Truck Wash will achieve 15- 20% annual growth through existing businesses with the added revenue projected in introducing public vehicles to our existing services. We would provide fast and convenient and affordable service to the public.

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They minimize all moving parts such that wear out quickly and can be expensive to replace. Rieskamp believes that the right combination of quality components, the application of high pressure, hot water, and properly formulated cleaning products creates the most effective wash system to clean vehicles in approximately two minutes. Another competitor in this industry with the same concept in mine is The Truck Wash Guys, known as the Mobile Unit, which provide mobile service for the customer’s convenience and fast service.

Analyzing and studying the competition in two areas in the business that we aren’t currently exploring will allow me to develop a plan in competing in the area of touch less washing systems and a mobile service in each unit of this business, therefore utilizing all areas of the business to increase profit and competition to increase revenue. Management team members must know and commit to added duties, including normal work load. Management responsibilities are making staffing decisions to meet the needs of customers, employees and the company. Management must provide the inspiration that makes employees want to do their best. Continually observe, evaluate and measure quality of work to ensure performance standards are met. Provide recognition when things go well, they also provide corrective feedback and restraining when needed, holding employees accountable for their performance, must provide support to help employees succeed, ensuring equipment is working properly, to providing uniforms, to removing obstacles that interfere with performance, ensuring a smooth operating day. Standard operating procedures increase managerial effectiveness by standardizing many routine decisions and more utilizing the discretion managers and subordinates can exercise in implementing functional tactics.

Reference: Strategic management: Formulation, Implementation, and Control, 9e, implementing strategy through short-term objectives, functional tactics, Reward system, and Employment empowerment (2004). Retrieved Sept.06, 2009.

Human Resources will need an estimated cost of the store front design for each business, depending on location and population. An estimate of 2 extra employees per business, an estimate of 50 locations will total 100 extra employees to Blue Beacon Truck Wash payroll, throughout the country. An estimated $100,000 added expenses for renovations on store front design which includes paint and landscaping.

Industry: Carwash (truck washing and cleaning

Sales: $50M-$100M Yearly

Employees: 2,500-5000

Human Resources provide employee handbook, with guidelines and procedures expected for employment and...

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