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Managerial Applications Of Information Technology Essay

1624 words - 7 pages

Information Technology Management: Unification of the actual and future information systems used by Incodepf and the new global innovations in technology

Karen Lorena Ospina Hidalgo

Managerial Applications of Information Technology
DeVry University, Keller Graduate School of Management
April 13, 2014

Subject of Course Project: Information Technology Management: Unification of the actual and future information systems used by Incodepf and the new global innovations in technology.

Table of Contents

1. Abstract
2. Brief Company background
3. Discussion of business problem(s)
4. High level solution
5. Benefits of solving the problem
6. Business/technical approach
7. ...view middle of the document...

Incodepf was born in 1973 in Bogotá; formed in 1980 as a limited company. At the beginning its production was made for other brands and only 20 percent was produced for own brand. In 1986, the production is diversified line of fried wheat flour snacks and bananas; this is how it happened one to five products. In 1991, the marketing of branded products Chefrito began, which allowed it to take possession, but only in Bogotá in other cities like: Boyacá, Santander, Tolima, Valle del Cauca, Barranquilla, Medellin, the Coffee city, Cali, Manizales, Ibague, Bucaramanga, among others important cities in Colombia; Where now has good image. With the advancement of technology has always been a premise, the company managed to improve production for the benefit of the corporate image.
With this premise Development Company was installed in January 1995, in Funza with its own plant, as this is one of the most perspective areas for industrial growth. Incodepf generates 120 direct jobs and about 100 indirect jobs throughout Colombia. Since 2002 has established it as a corporation. Currently the company is recognized for manufacturing wheat flour snacks, chips type cookies, chips and other products under the brand Chefrito (Chefrito, 2011).

Discussion of business problem(s)
Nowadays, Incodepf has a recent information technology for the internal processes. The information technology is used for finances, sales, inputs and outputs of raw material, receive and deliver emails, internal communications, etc. However, the information system has not been used deeply inside the Human Resources Department and the relation with other departments. Currently, orders requested by customers are taken by telephone. Then, they are sent to the billing department, production for the preparation of the requested product and finally to finished product warehouse and distribution department. From this procedure, the human resources department knows how many people are required for the preparation and distribution of the product.
From this, a deficiency in the technological infrastructure is generated since most internal processes are carried out manually, using more personal, natural resources, increased spending on time, and with high probability of losing customers the constant telephone use. In this case, when a customer calls is normal to find the line busy and the company is losing potential customers. The idea is to include more technology in the organization to benefit clients and staff, in order to be more efficient and productive to meet and satisfy internal and external customers.
High level solution
In order to increase the operational efficiency, inside Incodepf it is useful understand what is it. Operational excellence means determine how technology helps and improves the efficiency of the operations to achieve productivity, capability, and effectiveness in the firm. The information systems help to achieve the operational excellence through make the...

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