Managerial Approach Essay

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Managerial Approach
1.0 Communication Comes First
Strong internal communication between management and employees is fundamental to HP's open and honest culture. Keeping employees informed about HP’s business motivates them and illustrates how their work contributes to HP's success. HP strives to provide a work environment where everyone's voice is heard and where all issues raised are resolved promptly. HP encourages employees to discuss any concerns directly with managers, human resources (HR) staff or the Ethics and Compliance Office. HR staff work with employees and managers to address these issues. The employees will feel that management listens to them before making ...view middle of the document...

This ensures the goal is defined, stretches the employees capabilities and yet not too stressful, which in turn enables the employees to accept the goal, strive to achieve it and grow along the way.
2. Addressing Pitfalls
HP does recognize the pitfalls of setting purely performance oriented goals. So the system also allows to set goals related to :
Personal objectives | Employees can incorporate / relate their own goal to the corporate goal as well |
Learning and development goals | Employees could also learn while improves their performance and exceed expectations of the goals |
Team goals | To establish team work |
Ethical behavior goals | To ensure ethical behavior is practiced as the goals are achieved |

3. How goals work
HP’s goals are designed in the tool to be wholesome. The tool provides governance to ensure employees remain focused on the goal. The process begins with the employees being communicated about the goals in person and in email. They then acknowledge in the tool that they accept and understand the goals. This not only energizes them but makes them involved in the goal.
HP encourages diligence and consistence in the efforts in achieving the goals. This is attained by the managers setting quarterly reviews with the employees to ensure the progress is in-line with the goals. The review provides the avenue to discuss, review and track progress.

4. Feedback
HP stresses the importance of having a 2 way communication between the manager and the employee. On top of that, the open door policy provides the possibility of an employee to have a discussion with any manager, within the team, across the team or the manager’s manager.
The performance tool provides a tracking mechanism on the feedback received during review with the manager. It is mandatory for the review to occur, at a minimum, once every quarter, as it is set as such in the tool for information capture. The global HQ pulls reports of non-compliance which is then highlighted to senior leadership for correction.
5. Team goal setting
A team goal is encouraged. HP has adopted the core principles of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Leaders are trained on these principles via official training curriculums. The concept of the Wildly Important Goal (WIG) is enthralled and repeatedly stressed. A WIG is that one goal that is absolutely required to be achieved for the team to be successful. Inadvertently, achieving the WIG helps individuals achieve their individual goals too.
* Offering Incentives and Rewards
HP stresses the importance of linking incentives and rewards to the achievement of goals. Employees are fully aware of this mechanism and in return, focus their efforts as such. An...

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