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Managerial Issues Essay

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Configuration management and preventative maintenance are essential when managing an organization’s IS infrastructure. There can be many challenges along the way such as Increasing Obsolescence, Expanding Storage, Diminishing Space, Expanding Consumption, and Fluctuating Demand (Valacich & Schneider., 2012). With businesses being on the competitive edge any business must be ready and willing for change. These companies may not always have the same routine they may have had before, things such as social media bringing the company attention, apps for phones or tablets to let users have easier access to a specific site. However, the one thing that will never change will be the loyalty to the ...view middle of the document...

By having this information it will be beneficial with feature decisions and any type of configuration changes that may need to be made. If you don’t know the current configurations or the network, the company really won’t know where to start with the change.
Configuration management includes things like change control, production components, controlled storage and unique identification ("What Is Configuration Management?” Unknown). There are different training approaches that management can make such as policies and procedures this will have a clear definition for the businesses users and what is expected from them. However, the National Consensus Standard for Configuration Management ANSI/EIA-649 offers highly effective training techniques that will also help with maintenance and confidence ("Acquisition Community Connection", Unknown).
The effect of globalization on managing and IS infrastructure could have a large effect on managing an Information System Infrastructure. This will not be isolated to the United States it will impact the world. Many companies use globalization to cut costs or to increase profit....

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