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Managers Perspective Essay

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MGMT 203
Module 4- Manager’s Perspective Paper
February 7, 2015

Airworthiness is the measure of an aircraft’s suitability for a safe flight. Many aircraft owners might be surprised to find out that there are multiple violations for flying an aircraft that is not airworthy. In order to determine that an aircraft is airworthy it needs to undergo an annual inspection every 12 calendar months in order to be legal to operate. Every division of aircraft have their own inspection regulations, the division that we will be concentrating on will be the small (under 12,500 pounds) airplanes.
To determine the specific inspection requirements and rules for the performance of ...view middle of the document...

The aircraft must be inspected within each 100 hours of time in service by an FAA certified A&P mechanic holding an Inspection Authorization (IA), or an FAA certified repair station that is appropriately rated, or the aircraft manufacturer. The annual inspection may be used in place of the 100 hour inspection but the 100 hour inspection may not be used in place of the annual inspection. The 100-hour limit may be exceeded by 10 hours for the purposes of flying to a place where the inspection can be done. The excess time must be included in computing the next 100 hours of time in service.
The altimeter inspection is a part of FAR Section 91.411 and requires that the altimeter, encoding altimeter, and all relate systems be tested and inspected in the preceding 24 months before operated in controlled airspace under IFR. FAR 43 Appendix E, Altimeter System Test and Inspection, lists the items that must be checked. The tests and inspections must be conducted by a properly equipped repair station certified in accordance with 91.415(c)(1), the holder of a continuous airworthiness maintenance program under Part 121 or 135, or the manufacturer of the aircraft on which the transponder to be tested is installed, if the transponder was installed by the manufacturer.
The transponder inspection from FAR Section 91.413 requires that before a transponder can be used under FAR Section 91.215(a), it will have to be tested and inspected within the preceding 24 months. The inspection must be performed by a certified repair station properly equipped to perform those functions and holding, a radio rating or Class III equivalent, a holder of a continuous airworthiness maintenance program a provided, and the manufacturer of the aircraft on which the transponder to be tested is installed, if the transponder was installed by that manufacturer.
Lastly, is the preflight inspection. The FAR’s require a pilot to conduct a thorough preflight inspection before every flight to ensure that the aircraft is safe for flight. To properly inspect the aircraft you need to make sure that all of the required paperwork is available....

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