Managing A Business System Gb500 Essay

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Manager’s Toolbox: Mapping a Business System

Mapping a Business System
Systems thinking provides a way for organizations to better foresee hidden challenges within a system and how it affects the overall future progress of the organization. According to Hutchens (2001), “systems thinking helps us better grasp what is (our “current reality”) so that we can design wiser strategies for creating what can be (our desired future)” (p. 59). Every organization has a number of systems in action to achieve specific goals. It is
imperative when an organization plans for these systems to understand how they affect one another. In the Tip of the Iceberg, Hutchens talks about how all activities in ...view middle of the document...

The organization I chose to apply the causal loop diagram to is a small private school. Parents demand the highest level of education for their children and educational institutions (private and public) strive to achieve the same thing. School management and parents need to understand that building a system to achieve and sustain their goal (supply highest level of education) is imperative. The system should include partners who will work together to ensure reaching a common goal. Thus, the school management, the parents, and the quality of education should comprise the system needed. In the causal loop diagram attached, the school and the parents joined efforts to gain and sustain the highest level of education possible. The school and its staff supply a safe learning environment and hire the most qualified and experienced educators. The parents are supportive of the school; they get involved in PTO activities to raise needed funds for the school, volunteer with extra curricular activities, and show interest in their children’s school work. This raises students’ confidence and improves their performance on standardized tests which is an indicator that the common goal is reached. Eventually, the...

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