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Managing Change Essay

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Managing Change 300
Case study 1 assignment

1. Introduction

Managing change is structurally moving people to a desired future condition (MaSparren & Motley 2010). Change, minor or major, affects the overall organizational operation. And most often, Organization leaders tend to focus on limited perspectives.

The purpose of this report is to explore the issues pertaining to the change intervention proposed at ALLCHEM Products Pte Ltd, discussing the internal and externals drivers that instigated the change and purpose of it. And, recapitulate the adaptation of strategy and strategic planning tools employed together with the assessment of alternative interventions and ...view middle of the document...

3. Change Drivers

3.1 Internal Change Driver

The internal drivers of change identified are related to employee attitudes, mainly low proficiency, productivity and technology. Employees are stressed and pressured when management breaks into new markets and work complexity increases. Configurations of staff are not fully suitable to the current strategy. Employees felt unmotivated especially in this period of rapid changes to communication technology. In addition, the accounting system is old and outdated and constantly caused problems to the accounting and audits of the firm’s accounts, which results in more work for the employees.

Assumption is that if the employees are better trained and well equipped with the necessary skills required of them to fulfill the job well, motivation increases. Redesigning jobs and rotations will put employees out of boredom from the job. Giving them opportunities to break into new markets in the near future and maintain pace with the company’s strategy and goals. Replacing or updating the technology of work processes will create efficiency in the employee’s job scope and increase productivity. Employees should be given management training in terms of products, customer, revenue and order to increase overall efficiency.

3.2 External Change Driver

The external drivers of change identified are from the realms of economic changes, and competitor performance. Business’s performance is closely linked to the market trends as ALLCHEM’s focus is on cross trade, buying from Poland or China and selling to other parties in Asia. As a chemical can have many producers in many countries, there are many different competitive prices in the global market. Many SMEs can just purchase directly from the manufacturers and earn commission by selling to another buyer, which allows them to gain cost leadership over competitors.

With the US dollar weakening in recent years, it has affected the company’s accounts and prices of the chemicals. ALLCHEM purchases the chemicals in US dollar but all their other expenses are in Singapore Dollar (SGD), has caused the exchange marginal to be huge. Since Poland prices their product in their own currency, ALLCHEM is unable to get good prices most of the time.

Assumption of the management is that for ALLCHEM to gain competitive advantage, they have to deploy their resources in terms of human, physical, budget and time wisely into the company strategy.

With the relevant factors relating to both internal and external examined, relevant perspectives and appropriate strategy was developed to address the problems faced and also determined the necessary tools to make the change intervention a success for ALLCHEM.

4 Change Perspectives

Focusing on a single perspective will cause the company to view issues in a very narrow point and become ineffective. The most feasible approach is to adopt a combination of relevant perspectives, or known as ‘full package’ approach by some....

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