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Managing Human Resource Essay

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BBM302: Revision 1

1. Hiring workers who have criminal backgrounds without proper safeguards is considered ________.
A) improper screening
B) negligent hiring
C) unreliable testing
D) improper hiring

2. What is the primary goal of employee selection?
A) achieving person-job fit
B) avoiding negligent hiring
C) developing a diverse workforce
D) maintaining valid test scores

3. As a manager, what is the most important reason to select employees carefully?
A) meet industry and organizational standards
B) comply with federal and state labor laws
C) improve personal and organizational performance
D) establish a high-performing work system

4. Effective employee screening ...view middle of the document...

Anna, a new employee at Concord Electronics, wants to make sure she understands who to report to at the firm and the title of various positions. Which of the following would most likely help Anna?
A) organization chart
B) workflow analysis
C) process chart
D) position analysis

Structural Questions
1. List 5 ways on how can accidents in the workplace be prevented?

To prevent accidents in the workplace you can do many things. You can reduce unsafe conditions, reduce unsafe acts, use screening to reduce unsafe acts, use posters and propaganda, provide safety training, use incentives and positive reinforcement, emphasize top-management commitment, foster a culture of safety, establish a safety policy, set specific loss control goals, conduct regular safety and health inspections, organize a safety committee and protect vulnerable workers.

2. Name 3 common tools of Human Resources strategic management.

Strategic human resource management means formulating and executing HR systems that produce the employee competencies and behaviors the company needs to achieve its strategic aims.

Three common tools of HR strategic management tools are:
a) Strategy Map
b) HR scorecard
c) Digital dashboard

Managers use the strategy map, the HR scorecard, and the digital dashboard to help them translate the company's broad strategic goals into specific human resource management policies and activities.

The strategy map shows the "big picture" of how each department's performance contributes to achieving the company's overall strategic goals. It helps the manager understand the role his or her department plays in helping to execute the company's strategic plan. Many...

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