Managing Improvement Essay

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Managing Improvement

Understand the Effectiveness of the Organisation and own Ability to Manage and Improve Quality to Meet Customer Requirements
Critically assess the organisations effectiveness in managing quality to meet or exceed customer requirements

There are several Welsh Government legislative guidelines that influence quality within healthcare at both strategic and ground level. Everyone who works in or for the NHS is there, first and foremost to serve the public. Therefore, everyone at every level has a part to play in driving up standards of safe, effective, patient-centred care. The consistent delivery of safe, high quality care relies on contributions from a wide range ...view middle of the document...

Accountability and ownership of the quality delivery and improvement of services remains the responsibility of Health Boards and are based on the strategic vision, objectives and principles from the Welsh Government. Within my heath board Annual Quality (2011-12) and the Performance Management and Assurance Frameworks (2011-13) lies the quality standards that are underpinned by the need to maintain the safety and quality of services and to constantly strive to improve the patient experience. The trust has stated that it will continue to be steadfast in its efforts to work to towards achieving the double goal described in Achieving Excellence (2012) – for both quality improvement and quality assurance. Cares (2012) is the philosophy that underpins all we seek to do as a Health Board to ensure that our patients have the best possible experience whilst in our care.
The Health Board has committed to the following quality standards, which are:
1. To improve quality, safety and patient experience; providing high value evidence based care for our patients at all times.
2. To protect and improve population health, focussing on prevention and inequality as key to sustainable development, wellness and well being.
3. To ensure that the services provided are accessible and sustainable into the future.
4. A local approach to target setting to improve service excellence, governance and assurance.
5. Investing in staff through training and development, enabling them to influence decisions and providing them with tools, systems and environment to work safely and efficiently.
These standards are then disseminated down into the clinical directorates for action. Within my directorate, the organisations quality standards can be assessed using several quality metrics to identify whether or not they would be appropriate to meet the requirements of the standards. Quality performance metrics should support a range of stakeholder needs from customers, shareholders to employees. While traditionally many metrics are financed based, inwardly focusing on the performance of the organisation, metrics may also focus on the performance against customer requirements and value
Benchmarking is a metric regularly used in my directorate to assess and address the quality standards by identifying the need for improvement as a continuous process. It has been used for several purposes, for analysing the strategies to meet the standards, to identity best practise in existing competition (internal, external, regional etc) and to discover and adopt those best practises to improve service provision and attain new benchmarks for our organisation. The potential for our benchmarking has been developed from the quantitative measurement of our overall performance and consideration of processes to the qualitative attainment of best practice around patient experience. We use the three principles of benchmarking as guidelines for maintaining quality, customer satisfaction and...

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