Managing Interdependence Essay

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Iveth Reyes

Chapter 2: Discussion Questions
1. Discuss the concept of international social responsibility. What role does it play in the relationship between a company and its host country?
a. The concept of international social responsibility includes the expectation that MNCs concern themselves with the social and economic effects of their decisions.
2. Discuss the criticisms that have been leveled against MNCs in the past regarding their activities in less developed countries. What counterarguments are there to those criticisms?
c. Many argue that, since MNCs operate in a global context, they should use their capital, skills, and power to play proactive ...view middle of the document...

5. What is meant by international business ethics? Should the local culture affect ethical practices? What are the implications of local norms for ethical decisions by MNC managers?
h. International business ethics refers to the business conduct or morals of MNCs in their relationships with individuals and entities.
i. Such behavior is based largely on the cultural value system and the generally accepted ways of doing business in each country or society.
6. As a manager in a foreign subsidiary, how can you reconcile local expectations of questionable payments with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act? What is your stance on the problem of “payoffs?” How does the degree of law enforcement in a particular country affect ethical behavior in business?
j. A specific ethical issue for manager in the international arena is that of questionable payments. These are business payments that raise significant questions of appropriate moral behavior either in the host nation or in other nations.
7. Explain what is meant by managing interdependence in the global business arena. Discuss the love-hate relationship between MNCs and host countries.
k. Because multinational firms...

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