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Managing Nonprofit Development Program Essay

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RUNNING HEAD: CARE International (UK) Effective Website

Vanansio Samson
PA 572
Keller Graduate School of Management
Professor James Bridges
January 27, 2013

CARE International (UK).

Table of Content

I. INTRODUCTION---------------------------------------------------------------------------3
II. NAME AND EFFECTIVENESS OF WEBSITES------------------------------------3
III. THE FOUR P’S OF MARKETING-----------------------------------------------------5
IV. FINAL THOUGHTS------------------------------------------------------------------------9

I. Introduction
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In addition, the organization Website allows donors to retrieved annual reports with full images of activities.

How CARE International (UK) spend their money.

III. The Four Ps of Marketing
Strategic Plan 2008-13 addresses how we can create the most value and impact on poverty as part of CARE globally. This refresh of the strategy was conducted in 2011 midway through the plan to reflect on progress, apply learning and update accordingly.
A. Product/Service
As CARE International UK, our primary focuses remains in conflict and peace building, governance, private sector and emergency shelter and reconstruction which are available and can be access through the Website.
* contribute to work on the key areas of climate change adaptation
* Food security – Empower farmers in crop protections
* maternal and reproductive health – Provide Public health education to communities
* Economic developments – Empower banks and financial institutions in providing small loans to communities, in a way of micro-financing strategies
* Water and Sanitation – Improve water treatment and latrines constructions in third world countries
* Education and HIV/AIDS. – Provide educational training of protection against the spread of HIV/AIDS (use of condoms, etc.)
Across our work we are committed to gender sensitivity, with a particular focus on women and girls.

B. Price
The Partnership Programme Agreement (PPA) between CARE International UK (CARE) and DfID is highly valued by CARE as a source of flexible, strategic funding.
* It enables us to engage with the British Government on a range of important issues in aid and development; to come together where we have common interests and at the same time to be open about our differences and not afraid to challenge one another when we take a different view.
* The PPA performance framework holds us to account for delivering against strategically defined objectives through a select sample of projects in our priority themes, across six countries.
* CARE International UK's expanding role in across the CARE International confederation gives us a unique opportunity to act as a catalyst for change in the network of organisations that make up the confederation.
* Working at local, national and global levels, and influencing the policies and practices of governments, business and other organisations, we use the PPA as a strategic lever to build capacity and support high quality and innovative programmes on the ground.
* The PPA continues to support us through this period and beyond. It is key to helping us to contribute to CARE-wide programmes, to improve their quality and impact, and to become a more efficient and effective organisation.

C. Place
CARE supports the important work of International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI), and has started publishing information, which consists of top line information on current projects funded by the UK Government. They...

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