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Managing People In The Global Enviroment.(Examples)

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Managing people in the global enviroment: What to take in to account? ( examples)

My first key learning is related to the fact of how stereotypes can make you think that there’s no business opportunities in a country. Before hearing the presentations of Botswana, Georgia and Korea I thought them as countries with no many economic development and stuck in the past century but of course this is a completely wrong assumption. Korea is not only about communism, Botswana It’s more tan tribes and Georgia is one of the fastest growing countries in Eastern Europe. For example, I was really shocked to discover that Gaborone looks like any European or Us capital.This shows that even if I have travelled to many places and somehow I have an international background,stereotypes  are always there and its important to get ...view middle of the document...

This means that before any meeting we should ask ourselves: Who are we dealing with? What do we expect and what are they expecting from us? For instance despite its Western feel, United Arab Emirates remains an Islamic country with great respect to Islamic tradition,beliefs and sensitivities as showing high respect to older people.
As I have seen during the presentation depending on the history and backgroung of the country the hierarchy is higher or lower. I would like to compare here two ‘extremes’. Norway is one of the least hierarchical business cultures in the world and this ‘flatter’ approach to company structure is driven from a deeply held belief in egalitarianism This egalitarian approach leads to an openness of communication and to the position of women in society. On the other side in Korea, as confucian ethics emphasise the value of collective group harmony, respect for authority (and therefore management), companies tend to be strictly hierarchical with major decisions being taken at the top and delegated down for implementation.

After this presentation and the course overall I’m aware of something that I wasn’t before: How much time and money companies need to expend if they want to expand their company to other countries. And of course how important this is. This ‘meetings’ we have been doing in this grop project happen in real life and it’ not only one but several meetings that a company needs in order to prepare its workers and be succesfull in other countries. Whether your company is succesful or not is going to depend on how well prepared are your workers and the way they fit in the other culture. The more different is the culture the more preparation is going to be required. But no matter if we are dealing with Norweigans or Arabs we will always need to adapt and again keep open minded and respectful because every culture has something to offer to us even if you were not expected so.

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