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Managing The Day And Time Essay

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My Student Survival Guide

In the beginning of my journey through my distance learning, at UOP I have learned

Many skills that I know will follow me throughout the rest of my life and career.

When managing my time wisely, I have put together timelines and lists’ to

Prepare myself on what I can accomplish each day. I set out a plan to follow by so I

Know when I can do things. Here is an example of my day and how I manage my time.

Example; I get to work by 8 am, I go to lunch about 12pm I log onto ecampus where I

Begin to do any discussions that I see on there for that week. I get back to work at 1pm

And work till 5pm, I run errands and then about 7pm I fix dinner, I ...view middle of the document...

My goals now

have changed, for example; I would like to finish school so I can earn a degree so I know

I accomplished something, I want to show my son that education is a good thing to have.

I would also like to become successful and by learning such things as Effective business

communications I know that it will help in life and with my career choices.

Axia has an Academic Honesty that we must abide by. Set schedules of our

assignments and DQs , and our participation all falls under the academic honesty as well

as the academic integrity. Axia has offered everyone at UOP different ways of by

checking their work and showing the students what is expected of them Plagiarism is not

excepted , UOP has given a reference as to where we can check our work to ensure we

have not plagiarized our work. You can find this by clicking the library tab and then

going to the CWE, there you are able to turn in your assignment and have them check to

make sure it is not plagiarized .If you plagiarize you will be expelled and lose your

financial aid, you will also have to pay everything back right away.

Axia has given us so many educational resources to go by, they have videos that

you can download the files to use on your machine or a portable device; this

comes in handy if you are busy or on the go. They also offer online Library where you

can search articles on information you might need. To use the Library you will go to the

library tab when you log into the ecampus university of Phoenix student and faculty

portal. From there you can start a new search for contents and services for academic

research. You can also submit a paper for review or locate the grammar or writing guides.

By clicking on Center for writing excellence, you will find this is where you need to


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