Managing The Work Of Individuals And Teams

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Managing the work of Individuals and teams

Review the performance of teams – Assignment 4

Task 1

I have chosen a Production team (Foundry) to base my answer on.

I am going to explain why it is important to praise team’s performance;

Team effectiveness –

It essential to know if teams are hitting targets that have been set for them and if there are any. If you cannot measure the team’s contribution in some type of way you won’t be able to manage what they are doing. The management need to know if they are working at the best level and production does not decrease. The effectiveness might influence cost. An example of this may be, the Production team has a target of to cast ...view middle of the document...

The foundry charge hand ensures all his men are doing their tasks and doing them correctly. They will oversee all the decisions within the production and report to the production manager

All the shop floor workers have the responsibilities to get all their tasks done within the time allocated to the best of their ability without producing scrap.

Review the team’s membership criteria –

Based on the production team, the production manager would each week make up a program for the moulders to mould and then the casters to cast the day after. This then would be distributed to both departments chargehands at the end of the week for the following week, the production manager should then make sure this is achieved. The chargehands of the foundry and the moulding must report back the work to the rest of the shop floor, also report if any problems occur and ensure the work objectives get done. All the shop floor must then complete the program to the best of their ability. Each individual’s performance can be appraised, this is important to check the production is running efficiently.

Review the team’s objectives –

It is important to review the team’s objectives because within the production team there is the moulding and casting. They both have the objective of to complete the program given, but the moulders make a mould the day before it gets cast, so one team could be performing better for example the moulds might build up in the foundry because the casters aren’t able to keep up with the program. Once these are reviewed the objectives can be changed to achieve the best production.

Task 2

Here I have paired up with a class member and exchanged my Task 1 results. I am comparing the criteria of a ‘team ones’ performance and bullet pointed how the two team’s performances would be measured.

Lewis Nicholson – Inspection team

Team effectiveness –

The difference between my production team and the inspection team is that the production team aim to get as much production out as possible and only stop...

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