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Maniac Education System Essay

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Maniac Education System
Cici Yongshi Xiao
Everybody say that Chinese are good at study, they are bookworms. “I think Chinese are clever, they often get high scores in school.” “Chinese are smart hard workers, but they do not tend to act as groups.” “They are so smart. In my school there are lots of Chinese people the all get like 90 or 95% so I think they are so smart.”  These are the some popular comments of Chinese students from the foreigners. Of course it is impossible that every Chinese student have ambitious in their academic achievement but most of them they are. To be honest, I really want to get A in all of my classes and I will try my best to do it. That is because wanting ...view middle of the document...

When the teacher’s talking on the classes, we can’t talk even if we whisper with our desk mates. If teachers caught who is talking, that student will get scolds or yelling, and sometimes will be punished such as standing in the corner, or write a self-criticism easy. Conversely, I feel more comfortable and relaxed in American classes. Although I talk, play with my phone or fall in sleep in the classes, the teachers will warn us but never with punishments or scolds. In American college, every class, there usually have students arrive late, and the teachers never scold us.
In the elementary school, we need to take the exam papers back home and let our parents sign it. So the teachers know that our parents know how we are doing in the test. Sometime I did very badly on my test, and my teacher would scold me first then call my parents. Because they want my parents to scold me too, they think this is the best way to make me have more focusing on my study. Every after my teachers’ complaining call, my mom will start scolding me and banning my entertainment. Then I cry. I scared all the teachers and every test. I hate going to school.
What’s more, my middle school and my high school are in the same boarding school. We study all day and night. Study hours are adding by our year grade. The worst time period is in our senior high school year, we study 13 hours per day. We have 8 classes per day. We have morning reading which before the first class we have to back to our classroom and read the articles from test books or read the Chinese or English vocabularies. We have 4 hours to do our homework every night, but we hardly ever can finish it. Some hard-working students can study more than this. They use their sleeping time or diner time to study. We back home once a month, so that we can study on the weekends at school. Everyone is stressed out in the school.
Why do we have to study hard for the exams? In my middle school we have high school entrance exams and in the high school we have college entrance exams. However, every thing is ranking. Our grades, every subject classes are ranking. Our school’s rank depends on how we did on the exams. Our teachers are ranking by our grades too. If our school gets a low rank, the principal will blend the teachers. That’s why our teachers are always beating us to have good grades. For parents, they want their children go to a...

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