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Manifest Destiny Essay

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Chapter 17: Manifest Destiny and Its Legacy
A. Who first coined the use of the term “Manifest Destiny”? In what year? JOHN L. O’SULLIVAN, 1845
I. The Accession of “Tyler Too”
A. Daniel Webster, as secretary of state, and Henry Clay, the uncrowned king of the Whigs and their ablest spokesman in the Senate, would grasp the helm.
B. Still a lone wolf, he (John Tyler) had forsaken the Jacksonian Democratic fold for that of the Whigs, largely because he could not stomach the dictatorial tactics of Jackson
C. the Whig party, like the Democratic Party, was something of a catchall, and the accidental president belonged to the minority wing, which embraced a number of Jeffersonian ...view middle of the document...

How did Americans respond to the small Canadian rebellion against the British? Hundreds of hot-blooded Americans, hoping to strike a blow for freedom against the hereditary enemy, furnished military supplies or volunteered for armed service
D. SO WHAT—Caroline an American steamer, the Caroline, was carrying supplies to the insurgents across the swift Niagara River. It was finally attacked on the New York shore by a determined British force
E. SO WHAT—American ship Creole British officials in the Bahamas offered asylum to 130 Virginia slaves who had rebelled and captured the American ship Creole.
IV. Manipulating the Maine Maps
A. An explosive controversy of the early 1840s involved the Maine boundary dispute.
B. Explain the cause of the Aroostook War Tough-knuckled lumberjacks from both Maine and Canada entered the disputed no-man’s-land of the tall-timbered Aroostook River valley. Ugly fights flared up, and both sides summoned the local militia.
C. Define: Webster-Ashburton Treaty compromise on the Maine boundary. On the basis of a rough, split-the difference arrangement, the Americans were to retain some 7,000 square miles of the 12,000 square miles of wilderness
V. The Lone Star of Texas Shines Alone
A. What was the status of Texas in the 1830s? Texas had led a precarious existence. Mexico regarded Texas as a province in revolt, to be reconquered in the future. Mexican officials loudly threatened war if the American eagle should ever gather the fledgling republic under its protective wings. The Texans were forced to maintain a costly military establishment. Vastly outnumbered by their
Mexican foe, they could not tell when he would strike again.
B. List reasons Britain was interested in an independent Texas
1. Such a republic would check the southward surge of the American colossus
2. A puppet Texas, dancing to strings pulled by Britain, could be turned upon the Yankees
3. Subsequent clashes would create a smoke-screen diversion, behind which foreign powers could move into the Americas and challenge the insolent Monroe Doctrine
4. These actions would result, they hoped, in the fragmentation and militarization of America.
VI. The Belated Texas Nuptials
A. Partly because of all the fears aroused by British schemers, Texas became a leading issue in the presidential campaign of 1844.
B. The pro-expansion Democrats under James K. Polk finally triumphed over the Whigs under Henry Clay, the hardy perennial candidate.
C. Lame duck president Tyler thereupon interpreted the narrow Democratic victory, with dubious accuracy, as a “mandate’’ to acquire Texas.
D. Many Conscience Whigs feared that Texas in the Union would be red meat to nourish the lusty “slave power.’’
E. Tyler despaired of securing the needed two-thirds vote for a treaty in the Senate. He therefore arranged for annexation by a joint resolution.
VII. Oregon Fever Populates Oregon
A. The handful of Americans in the Willamette Valley was suddenly...

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