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Mankind And The Search Of God

889 words - 4 pages

Graciela Ramirez

October 22, 2013

Dr. Ball

SMC1314 Section P

Mankind and the Search for God

Every human being is different and unique; they have differential perspectives and views on goals, life, and beliefs. One of the most controversial topics is religion and God itself. In debate with personal beliefs Richard Rohr and John Haught share their views on God with theological and scientific views. After reading Rohr’s book Things Hidden Scripture as Spirituality and Haught’s God and the New Atheism, certain ideals I had of God enriched my personal outtake on God and religion.
God is a universal word with a controversial meaning. When thinking about God one thinks about ...view middle of the document...

In Richard Rohr’s book, Things Hidden Scripture as Spirituality, Rohr uncovers many aspects of the Bible including the written words and Gods generosity. I agree with the fact that Rohr discusses how God is all-powerful he doesn’t force it upon any being to believe in him or form a relationship, but is there and open to all of us who want him. Additionally I agree in Rohr’s question that is “Why would you spend time alone in prayer, unless it was to manipulate or control such a God?” This reading did not change my views but instead made it clear in the understanding of the relationship between God and human beings. My thought in prayer is that people simply pray as an escape from their issues and the feeling that someone is listening. “If there isn’t some way to find some deeper meaning to our suffering, to find that God is somehow in it, and can even use it for good, we will normally close up and close down.” (Rohr p.25)
Having a belief in something is important for all human beings. It teaches people to trust, shapes our opinion in matters, and in some way gives us faith that there is meaning for life. Personally in my opinion having beliefs are good but a belief in God is not necessary. God has been describe as the Puppeteer which means that God micromanages the world and people’s lives according to his plan. In this sense, everything happens for a reason. Putting this...

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