Many Environmental Issues Essay

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Environmental Ethics
SOC 120: Introduction to Ethics and Social Responsibilities

Environmental Ethics
“Ethics is the study of the choices people make regarding right and wrong” (Ruggiero, 2008). As for environmental ethics, it is more of a study about moral relationships of human beings to, and also the value and moral status of, the environment and its nonhuman contents. As human beings sharing our lives with nature, we have to make many ethical decisions with respect to the environment. We have been so focused on finding ways and ideas to make our lives easier, and sometimes we have forgotten to take in the consideration of the wrong we might be doing to our environment. In ...view middle of the document...

We have been so concern in finding different ways to make our lives easier and even finding different ways make our crops grow at rapid pace and even more bigger, spraying them with all kinds of pesticides to keep insects away. And to think, we needs certain insects to keep our crops alive such as the bees to pollinate the plants and trees so that they can continue growing. We are also faced with global warming because of our pollutions from the factories that provide energy to a majority of households. And may of these household can’t afford to convert their main power to solar, it’s just too expensive. Hybrid cars are now being built, but with the economy, who can afford a hybrid car, they are pretty expensive.
A good example would be the issues of the Kayapo Indians. The Kayapo are an indigenous group of Indians living in the rainforest of Brazil. The dominant ecosystems are tropical rainforest and grassland in which the Kayapo hunt, fish, and practice swidden agriculture (slash and burn) (Goodale, 2004). Their way of life is being threatened by pollution, land grabs, and dams. There were many environmental ethics at stake. The first problem was the pollution from agricultural runoffs from acres of soybean and cattle just outside the boundaries of the Kayapo Indians. The pollution from the headwaters of the Xingu downriver flowed down to the Kayapo Indians, contaminating water supplies and food resources. The second issue was the land invasion. Parts of the east bank of the Middle Xingu called Kapôtnhinore are being illegally invaded and sold. Thus, creating a hostile, dangerous environment and also blocking river travel (Goodale, 2004). The last issue not only affects the Kayapo Indian but also affects the rainforest. According to Goodale (2004), the Brazilian government has revived plans for several hydroelectric dams along the Xingu River. “The proposed project would displace Kayapo from their homes, cause a loss of sustenance for those living downstream, disturb fish populations, and damage terrestrial ecosystems” (Goodale, 2004).
In a situation like this, there are many views from both sides. Some believe that this is just wrong to disrupt a tribe’s natural way of life. Take the river that they solely depend and not even compensating them for anything. And yet, some people think that proposed plan should go forward. Some believe that the dams will...

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