Map Application And Business Intelligence Essay

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Map Application and Business Intelligence
One of the key components to the success of any business is the information that the organization has access to and uses to make decisions. Decisions are what drive success in an organization and in order to make the best decisions one has to have the right information. Making decisions without the right information is guessing and the likelihood of success when making decisions based on factual information is much greater than attempting to guess. When shareholders invest in a company each want to know that the organization is using that money to produce a profit such that they can return dividends and increased share value. If an organization ...view middle of the document...

If air conditioners are what you are selling then perhaps Texas where there is a huge population and it is always hot would be better market to sell the product. In addition to knowing the weather of certain regions innately there are maps of everything related to weather that can help predict the best time of the year to roll out new products. Another example would be a nursery that sells trees. They would likely roll out trees in the spring starting in the South and then finally working their way North until the warm season is in full swing across the country. Being able to identify these trends ensures there is product where it is needed at the time it is needed which reduces inventory, provides for maximum sales and provides some predictability to scheduling.
Other components that are part of the US Census Bureau include maps such as the Interactive Population Map. This particular map provides a wealth of knowledge in a single picture of the US that can be divided a number of ways to view demographic information. Demographics are the key to every great marketing campaign as it allows targeting of consumers. One of the things that most companies and especially those in retail look for is the population of an area. They will likely want to sell their products first in high population centers that can guarantee the biggest value for the money invested. In fact, a dollar invested in a highly populated area is likely to return a higher profit margin than one that is in a lesser population region. For example, a television ad in Bismark North Dakota would reach much fewer people than one in Houston Texas. Demographics such as population in this case can be used to tailor the product to the market.
Other demographic components include things like Age and Sex. Each of these can be predictors of the types of services that someone may want to buy. If you are looking for a place to build a new stadium for music concerts you will likely...

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